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What is Migraine, unilateral and throbbing, severe pain and vomiting, limiting the quality of life of people, more than one cause of the disease is called migraine.


How is Migraine Treated?

It is possible to mention two types of treatment in migraine disease. These;

Pain Relief Treatment

Protective treatment

Pain relief treatment with migraine is an adequate method for people with pain usually used 2-3 times a month. The person with pain consumes the pain medication at the specified dose.

In migraine, preventive treatment is used to reduce the number of headaches and the severity and frequency of pain. In this method used in the treatment of migraine; Some of the drugs used in the treatment of depressive drugs, some cardiac drugs and epilepsy are used. The duration of the treatment modality lasts 3-4 months, ranging from patient to patient.

Is There a Dose of Pain Relief in Migraine Disease?

Excessive painkiller use in migraine disease is 10 or more per month, and it is possible to use it regularly for 2-3 months. It is observed that these painkillers which are used for migraine disease have turned into a lack of painkillers in people after a while. It is useful to consult a neurologist when the use of painkiller increases above 9-10 per month.


What Causes Migraine?

There is no single cause of migraine, and the conditions and triggering factors in which you are involved can induce a migraine attack.

The factors affecting migraine as the following;


Hormonal changes

Environmental Factors


Exercise / Fatigue


1-Hormonal Changes

habits changes

Birth Control Pills

First 3 months of pregnancy and 6 months after birth

Hormonal changes that occur as a result of hormone treatments during menopause trigger migraine.


2-Environmental Factors

Bright and flashing lights

Computer games

Feelings of anger, much joy

Meal, hungry

Strong odors such as smoke and perfume

Sleep disorders

Climate changes



While not all people have the same effects,

Yeast alcohols, red wine,

Extreme coffee and caffeine, excessive tea,

Artificial Sweeteners


Ready foods

Foods containing nitrate


4-Exercise / Fatigue

Irregular and long lasting compulsive exercises with 30 minutes or more adversely affect migraine patients. Migraine patients should rest for a period of time with 20 minutes of short exercises and then continue their exercise and create their own programs.

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