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Brain Stroke

trokes can be prevented by healthy life.

Clotting caused by fat accumulating in the main vessels that feed the brain and the heart, known as a stroke.
Hypertension and uncontrolled diabetes are among the most important factors in clotting which can cause some parts of the substances such as fat and cholesterol accumulate in the veins break off with blood flow.

Healthy nutrition, exercise, as well as the fight against fat in the abdomen, as well as cardiological controls should not be neglected.


Paralysis occurs when large veins are blocked
as our specialist stated that small or large clots were thrown out with this blood circulation in the arteries of the neck or in the arteries of the neck vessels.

These clots will clog it when it reaches its own calibration or a vein in its diameter. If the clot is small, it goes to the small veins in the periphery and does not cause problems. Anemia occurs because they will prevent blood supply where the great vein is watered or cannulated. This anemia is called ischemia. The situation is the same in the brain and heart. If one of the heart of a blocked coronary artery, coronary artery that feeds the heart muscle ischemia occurs in anemia so it’s also not be fed blood-infarction develops

This anemia is called ischemia. The situation is the same in the brain and heart. If one of the coronary arteries is obstructed in the heart, the infarction develops if anemia (ischemia) occurs in the heart muscle in which the coronary artery is fed, and there is no feeding with blood. When a vein is clogged in the brain that part of the brain can't work and lose its function.

Whichever zone is present in that region, where the vessel is channeling, those functional areas in the place where it is blooded, those functions are eliminated. Severe major paralysis occurs if one of the large main vessels clogs. We call it a stroke.

When large vessels are clogged stroke amount of infarct ischemia due to increased amounts can lead to serious statements.

Check the veins

As our Professors & Doctors advice, in certain age viens checkup is important for "carotid arteries" blood vessels supplying the brain trailing in the neck and also behind "vertebral veins” the two sides of neck behind the vein leading to the brain, by using simple technique for checkup called Doppler & it should be checked by ultrasound.

Watch out for hypertension and diabetes!
In order to prevent the clot, the rate of lipid in the blood, triglyceride ratio and cholesterol rate should be taken to the normal level stressed.  As our professor & doctors said:

One of the biggest problems in the vessel wall is hypertension and the other is diabetes. Diabetes should be kept under strict control without neglect, because of the new unbalanced dietary habits, diabetes has increased in society.

Diabetes is a disease that adversely affects the vessel wall, gives symptoms in late stages, and causes irreversible damage when it gives axiom. Vessels are like water pipes.

If the quality of the water from the dam is low, as a result it will affect the pipes will be effected which will cause problems, the structure of the blood and the structure of the blood and the fluidity will cause such problems. hypertension caused by blood flow to the blood vessels in the vessel wall and distended vessels in the vessel that narrowed the veins are cut and pushed to the above veins and the blockage of them.

Healthy lifestyle recommended to prevent from Stroke.
According to our specialist healthy living in preventing clot discontinuation is very effective by the following advice:
stay away from hypertension and diabetes very effective to not to cause


Cardiologic examinations should be done regularly.

The veins are very effective. Routine tests should be done by regular feeding and eating fat-free foods, reducing sugar intake to minimum. Exercising, walking and doing sports reduce cholesterol and fat. Reducing the lubrication around the hub changes the oil profiles. If we normalize the fat profile, if we get a balanced habit of eating, we will have a healthier living opportunity if we stay away from fast food eating habits.

We can break our genetic heritage.
It is also related to environmental factors as well as genetics. Our doctors says, The hardness of the arteries can pass through the family. When there is arteriosclerosis, it can be passed on to other individuals in the family. When blood pressure can pass to other family members. This is a genetic heritage. A legacy from the parents. We are able to break our genetic heritage which is good with environmental factors and our habit of living, and we can produce genetic mutations. It was said that there was no change in the things that had passed genetically, but now it is known that the genetic mutation creates genetic mutations both with environmental effects and nutrition.


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