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Brain Examination Techniques and Brain Checkup

Brain Examination Techniques and Brain Checkup

Functional surgery and electronic implant (battery) treatments are performed from neuromodulation treatments such as ECT, neuronavigation TMS / TMS, tDCS. NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital provides services in many areas from robotic surgery to aneurysm surgery, Parkinson's and Epilepsy surgeries.


What methods are used in "Check Up" of the brain?


In the brain “Check up”, the mental activities and performance of the brain are evaluated. With computerized EEG devices, it is checked whether the brain is working properly or not, and tests that are used for measuring memory and attention are detected. In Brain "Check Up"; With the computerized EEG (CEEG) device, brain functions are monitored and the brain map is drawn. In addition, cognitive tests to measure memory and attention are applied with the help of computers. The treatment and rehabilitation program is started according to the detected problem.


What measurements are done with the brain "Check Up"?

With functional "check-up" to the brain; it is checked if the brain is working properly. "Check Up" of the Brain where mental activities are evaluated; Structural examination of the brain is made by magnetic resonance or computed tomography, functional evaluation.

In the brain “Check Up”, the bioelectric map of the brain is made. Attention, memory, intelligence measurements are made… The person is evaluated psychosocially. Criteria such as transferring information between cells in the brain and stress hormones are evaluated.


Why should we have Brain Check Up?

• Brain “Check Up” is very important for the early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Insidious and causing serious memory losses, Alzheimer can be understood in the period when he gives early symptoms with his “Check Up”. Treatment is started in the early period.


• Forgetfulness, which is seen from time to time, may worsen in some cases and cause permanent problems. In case of early diagnosis with brain “Check Up”, special mental development and rehabilitation programs can be applied to patients. Thanks to early diagnosis, attention and concentration can be increased with timely treatment. Learning and comprehension ability is improved. Memory is strengthened. If necessary, medication can also be recommended.


• Brain Check is recommended for administrators and students who have forgetfulness and distraction. Medicines to regenerate cells and regulate stress secretions of the brain are recommended. Also by computer; Brain exercises that increase attention, memory, logical thinking, learning, keeping in mind, and remembering skills are performed.


• It is now known that depression is a biological disease. There is a link between depression and some biochemical domains in the brain. It is checked if there is an irregular, non-working area in the brain. This is especially used in treatment-resistant depression patients (30 percent of those with depression). In other words, besides psychological and social follow-up of depression, its biological dimension can be monitored.


• Stress can also be determined by the method. Your brain is looking at the level of stress hormones. If stress is found that upset the entire balance of people, the person is taught to deal with stress-relieving exercises that relax the body and mind by using their own mental power.


The effects of drugs used for the human brain can be determined by the same method. The bioavailability of the drug is prepared by the relevant experts about the results of the examination and examination performed in the Brain Check Up. This report includes the interpretation of the audit results, risk assessment and recommendations.


What tests are done on the Brain "Check Up"?


Our Brain “Check Up” Package:

• Neurology Examination (Specialist Dr.)

• Psychiatric Examination (Specialist Dr.)


Neuropsychological Examination







• Cranial MR



• Folic acid

• Trioid Stimulant hormone (TSH)

• Fasting Blood Sugar

• Aspartate transaminase (AST)

• Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT)

• Creatinine

• Uric acid

Sedimentation (1st hour)

• Cholesterol, Serum, Total

• HDL-Cholesterol

• LDL Cholesterol

• Triglycerides

• Homocysteine *

• Vitamin B12 *

• Blood Count, Automatized (At least 18 Parameters)



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