Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale (EPDS) Test

Birth is a very happy moment. However, in some mothers postpartum depression can be observed. Among the symptoms of postpartum depression; reluctance, anorexia, decreased or increased sleep, decreased or increased appetite, feeling of intense emptiness, desire to cry, decreased interest in the environment, exhaustion, lack of value or guilt, irritability, rapid mood change, cooling from sexuality, problems in focusing, indecision, suicidal ideation and functionality. It is falling. Insomnia, irritability, anxiety and astonishment are the expected symptoms after childbirth. However, the diagnosis of “Postpartum Depression” can be made with more severe symptoms such as excessive weight loss, thoughts of harming yourself or the baby, and more severe symptoms such as excessive mobility.

Among the causes of postpartum depression; biological factors, psychological factors and environmental factors are counted. While biological factors contain hereditary characteristics from the family, psychological factors contain misinterpretations, while social factors may change in the relationship between the spouse and the family during the pregnancy.

If you have had a baby recently but are concerned about your mood, the Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale Test can help you.

Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale (EPDS) Test

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