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Online Speech and Language Therapy

Online Speech & Language Therapy


Online language and speech therapy is a form of therapy in which patients receive language and speech support through various communication networks.

Corona is now becoming more of a health-threatening virus, a condition that negatively affects our domestic communication, our emotional, social, and economic values. The most effective attitude in the process is provided by staying at home and social isolation, but this situation also brings with it restrictions in many respects. We need to forget that just because we're inside the house doesn't mean we're helpless in the face of these restrictions. This isolation may constitute an opportunity for solving various language and speech problems. Online language and speech therapy is the most effective method in the process at this point.

How is online language and Speech Therapy performed?

While online language and speech therapy are different from classical therapies in terms of the environment in which Online therapy is performed, the process is similar to classical therapies, and face-to-face studies are provided through interactive video call channels. It is carried out on a specific day and time with family in younger age groups and with therapy sessions in other age groups where others are not involved during the session.


Important: Make sure that you receive online language and speech therapy under the umbrella of a trusted institution to ensure that privacy and privacy policies are implemented in a healthy way.


There is no difference between online language and speech therapy and face-to-face therapy. Although face-to-face classical therapies are always the primary and first-choice therapy methods, in some cases the necessary conditions are not met. At this stage, online therapy is preferred.



Online therapy is especially preferred when the therapist and the client are not in the same environment at the same time when there is no place to live abroad and receive therapy in Turkish when there is no language and speech therapist who can go to or near the city where the client lives, and when the person who will come to the therapy cannot leave home.


What diseases are applied and how is an appointment made?


Online language and speech therapy is planned as the expert sees fit, and this planning may vary depending on the problem to be served.


  • After making an appointment on a specific day and time, the video call will be made before the session via the communication tool (Whatsapp, Skype, etc.). The connection is being established. Thus, the problems that will be experienced before or during the session and that will interrupt the process are avoided.
  • The content, duration, and functioning of the sessions are no different from the classical Sessions. Online therapy services can be run in the form of family counseling to support language and speech development, as well as sessions where assessments can be made to diagnose the disorder.
  • Effective in the management of major disorders such as Speech Voice Disorders (Articulation Disorder and Phonological Disorder, inability to produce some letters, speech not being understood), Fluency Disorders (Stuttering-Quick Distorted Speech), Voice Disorders (Nodule, Polyp, Paralysis), Neurogenic Acquired Language Disorders (Aphasia) it is used as a method.


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