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Child Speech and Language Development

Child Language


What is language?

It is the code we learn to communicate our thoughts, wishes, and needs. Reading, writing, speaking, and gestures are forms of language.

What creates the language code?

The language consists of a set of rules:

  • Creating words or signs from sounds, syllables or body movements
  • Developing the meaning of root words (such as girl+s=girls)
  • Putting words together (grammar of language)
  • Loading meaning into words
  • To chat, tell stories and use different forms of language in different listeners, purposes, and situations


What's the speech?

Speech is the form of language transformed into sound.

How do children learn the rules of language?

Children learn language and speech by listening to the language spoken around them and applying what they hear. This path allows them to obtain the rules of the language code. Language is not learned at once, it settles over time, it is acquired.


How can parents help their children learn to speak?

Talking to the kid, reading a book. Not by asking the child to speak, but by encouraging the child to speak, and by making conversation a pastime.


What are children's language and speech like at what age?

Different behaviors are expected at different ages. For example, a 1-year-old should use a word or two, be able to follow simple requests (such as“come here”), understand simple questions as (“Where are your shoes?”). At 2-3 years of age, he must use his tongue when speaking two or three-word phrases or asking for things, and be able to fulfill two requests at once (such as“bring your ball and put it on the table”). In addition, the child's speech should be understood both to the family and to those who do not know him or her. Every child has its own unique development.




When should I get professional help about my child's speech problem?

When you start to worry. Don't be late. No child is too young to get help. If there is a problem, early intervention is important. If there is no problem, you will be comfortable.



Do hearing problems affect language and speech?

Yes, Especially the first year of life is important for learning language and speech. Even mild hearing loss can cause them to miss language and speech inputs around them, resulting in significant developmental delays. If the ear infection, common cold, and other upper respiratory infection or allergy conditions are repeated frequently, parents should take their children to the audiologist regularly to have a hearing examination.




Are there any physical reasons for a language apology?

There are, but the language apology is also observed without any known physical cause.



What are the other reasons?

Sometimes children may not be exposed to enough language input to learn the rules of language. The child may not need to speak because families respond immediately to the child's signs and gestures, rather than to speak. Also, many language apologies have no identifiable cause.



What can be done for a language apology?

A language and speech therapist experienced in child development can evaluate the child's language development and make an individual or group therapy plan.

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