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Technological Facilities

NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital provides service by utilizing the latest technology.

Technological Facilities

Technological Facilities 2

Technological Facilities 3

Technological Facilities 4


1A Ultra Clean (first in Turkey)
Sterilization at the highest level is provided with hygienic operating rooms. (1A Ultra Clean (First in Turkey)).
CT Angio Feature 128-Slice
Imaging can be conducted at the same image quality with 80% less exposure to radiation than standard tomography through using i-dose technology developed in the 128-slice and new age “Computerized Tomography” device. The ability to take a quick shot shor
3 Dimensional Intraoperative CT (O-Arm)
Neuronavigation (Direction Finding System)
Intraoperative Ultrasound Device
Operating Room Teleconference System
Laser Coded Surgical Instrument Tracking System
Operating Room Medical Recorder
Vital Parameter Recording System
Respiratory Support Device
Chairside Imaging Systems
Intensive Care Therapeutic Bed
Monitoring Device for Measuring the Depth of the Pain (kontrol ettirelim)
Wireless Operable Mobile Digital X-Ray
Surgical Microscope with Tumor Fluorescent Staining
Advanced Surgical Microscope
Digital X-Ray suitable for Standard and Orthopedic Shot