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Neuromodulation Service

Neuromodulation Service

  1. Topographic Brain Mapping (QEEG/TBH): It is used as a biomarker in psychiatric diseases. The FDA (US) officially approved in 2013 that attention deficit is a diagnostic value.


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2.Deep TMS: a first in Turkey; TMS can be applied to affect the deep structures of the brain. Due to the characteristics of the head device used, more stimulation can be given to different brain regions for different diseases.


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3.Neuronavigation tTMU/ rTMS: Being the first private hospital applying the system, it is a method that enables TMS to be applied in different diseases, focusing on different regions of the brain, precisely the desired spot, and thus increase the efficiency of the treatment significantly. 


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4.tDCS, CES Brain Stimulation Treatments: tDCS is one of the neuromodulation techniques used for the treatment of neuropsychiatric illness. It is also referred to microstimulation treatment. Treatment is applied only at the request of the physician in cases of resistant neuropsychiatric conditions. In general, the brain works with the stimulation principle that gives direct current at low intensity through two electrodes from the forehead region. It is targeted to rejuvenate some brain electrical activities and to suppress some activities in the outer shell of the brain where the direct current is stimulated. Many studies have shown that with this method neuropsychological and psychophysiological changes are present in the targeted brain areas. 


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5.Anesthetic ECT Treatment: Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) is a safe and effective medical treatment for certain psychiatric disorders. ECT therapy is also referred as “brain electrical stimulation”, “electroshock therapy” or “shock therapy”. It is administered under anesthesia in our hospital with the safest ultra-brief method

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6.Neurobiofeedback / Neuropsychiatry: In neurofeedback training, information about the brain waves coming from the EEG of the person is reported through visual and / or auditory signals and it is asked from the person to control certain aspects of it. Depending on the problem or the need of a person, a learning environment is created by arranging a treatment protocol through knowing which region of your brain’s frequency is needed to be increased / decreased accordingly. The person witnesses how the frequency waves change instantly according to the thoughts of that time and learn to control the process in the desired direction


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7.Functional Neurosurgery (Brain Battery): “Brain battery” used in Parkinson's patients who did not respond to medication and had severe shivers, is the most advantageous option as it is a controllable, programmable and adjustable treatment method. Also; it can be used in depression, OCD, Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy and obesity. 

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1A Ultra Clean (first in Turkey)
Sterilization at the highest level is provided with hygienic operating rooms. (1A Ultra Clean (First in Turkey)).
CT Angio Feature 128-Slice
Imaging can be conducted at the same image quality with 80% less exposure to radiation than standard tomography through using i-dose technology developed in the 128-slice and new age “Computerized Tomography” device. The ability to take a quick shot shor
3 Dimensional Intraoperative CT (O-Arm)
Neuronavigation (Direction Finding System)
Intraoperative Ultrasound Device
Operating Room Teleconference System
Laser Coded Surgical Instrument Tracking System
Operating Room Medical Recorder
Vital Parameter Recording System
Respiratory Support Device
Chairside Imaging Systems
Intensive Care Therapeutic Bed
Monitoring Device for Measuring the Depth of the Pain (kontrol ettirelim)
Wireless Operable Mobile Digital X-Ray
Surgical Microscope with Tumor Fluorescent Staining
Advanced Surgical Microscope
Digital X-Ray suitable for Standard and Orthopedic Shot