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Pink Clinic

Each clinic in our hospital has been formed around certain rules concerning the illness risks and the privacy of our inpatients.

The hospital clinics have been named according to these rules.

The name “pink” was given presuming the color represents women, and only female in patients are treated in this clinic. Nobody is allowed in this unit except the medical staff. The health security personnel lets in the catering staff, technical staff, and ergotherapy staff only in certain hours.

Cell phone and laptop use is forbidden; family visits and phone calls are limited in this clinic.

Patients which have all kinds of psychiatric illnesses are treated in this clinic.

A multipurpose room is present for; good morning meetings which are done accompanied by nurses, group therapies which are done with psychologists and music therapy and ergotherapy workshops which are carried out with art teachers. In addition there are tables so patients can eat together, a treadmill for the patients to exercise, a library case and a travelling library, and there are also puzzles and board games.

There is a smoking room for patients, cigarette use is controlled by nurses; and patients are not allowed to keep lighters.

Yoga and marbling on paper workshops are done certain days of the week. These activities are done in a separate unit . A health security personnel is in charge of the transportation of the patients and only the same clinic patients which had permission can attend these workshops.

The rooms are spacious and the corridors have an aesthetic appearance far from a standard hospital corridor. The rooms do not contain an object of any kind which can pose a risk to the security and patient safety.

For the nurses to remain in possession of the clinic the nurse desk has been positioned in the middle of the clinic.

In the case of the patient harm to others or self, the clinic has a soft room (padded cell) in which has the roof, sides and floor is made from soft material.

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