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Blue Clinic (Addiction Center)

Each clinic in our hospital has been formed around certain rules concerning the illness risks and the privacy of our inpatients.

The hospital clinics have been named according to these rules.

The name “Blue” was given presuming the color represents men, and only male in patients are treated in this clinic. Nobody is allowed in this unit except the medical staff. The health security personnel lets in the catering staff, technical staff, and ergotherapy staff only in certain hours.

Unlike the pink and orange clinics, the patients are allowed to use their cell phone and laptop under the permission of their doctor, their families are allowed to visit them in the canteen, also patients can speak to their families on the phone within the hospital rules.

This clinic does not have a soft room (padded cell).

A multipurpose room is present for; good morning meetings which are done accompanied by nurses, group therapies which are done with psychologists and music therapy and ergotherapy workshops which are carried out with art teachers. In addition there are tables so patients can eat together, a treadmill for the patients to exercise, a library case and a travelling library, and there are also puzzles and board games.

There is a smoking room for patients, cigarette use is controlled by nurses; and patients are not allowed to keep lighters.

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