Clinic Features

Smart Clinics

With the smart building technology, air conditioning and ventilation is carried out through automation. By considering the people who might want to smoke, there are smoking rooms which have special ventilation systems. To maintain the patient confidentiality, outdoor security and indoor security can be monitored from different commands. Electricity and lighting are entirely exclusive and original.

With fiber optic lighting and led system, light and color plays can be used in treatments.

Patient rooms are wired with 12 V electricity. Door handles have been specially produced by considering high security concerns. In all floors, there is a technological infrastructure enabling the nurses to monitor all rooms and the corridor from where they sit.

With the platform-independant hospital automation system, there are oxygen and vacuum in all patient rooms and also nurse monitoring systems are installed. Doctors can monitor their patients 7/24

A command center and hardware have been installed which enables the music broadcast in all rooms.

Feel Of A Home

  • Our rooms resemble the look of a home while the corridors look like streets.
  • In our hospital, presenting the comfort of a 5-star hotel, no iron grates since we used shatterproof glass in our windows.
  • With a digital monitoring system, a team of experts carry out the observation and treatment monitoring.
  • Our comfortable day rooms has a relaxing setting.
  • “Good Morning Meetings” are held on a routine basis under the supervision of a psychologist.
  • In all patient rooms and halls there are specially protected televisions.
  • There is also the opportunity of connecting to wireless internet.

High Security Services

Both digital patient monitoring and magnetic doors can be modified according to specific needs. There is shatterproof glass, central refined drinking water system, bathroom security, photoelectric WC lamps, 12-volt refridgerators and electrical keys.

There is a maximum security with specially trained nurses, medical assistant and medical security guards. In all shared areas and rooms LCD TV’s are placed by taking into account of the patient’s safety.

There are leather trim decornered soft rooms and there is also a non-invasive patient monitoring system.

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