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One of the most important reasons for the occurrence of cognitive disorders is brain injuries. This condition seen in most of the patients with severe head trauma adversely affects quality of life. Unlike diagnostic procedures for which the determination of the level of cognitive performance is the main goal, rehabilitation programs aim to reduce the performance loss caused by brain damage. Just like in all rehabilitation programs; RehaCom’s purpose is to help people to regain their pre-trauma abilities as much as possible or, if this is not possible, to be able to carry on with their everyday routines.

Basic Characteristics of the RehaCom System

• To establish the most efficient interaction between the patient,therapist and computer program
• To respond to individual needs
• To arrange the difficulty levels of applications
• To provide effective feedback for performance and improvement


RehaCom is effective in;

• Attention,
• Concentration and Steadiness,
• Memory and Learning Strategies,
• Logical Thinking,
• Responsive Behavior,
• Visual-Motor Coordination,
• Visuo-Spatial Skills,
• Problem-Solving and Strategy Development, and
• Visual Field.

In order to obtain the most effective outcome from RehaCom applications, patient shall be examined neuropsychologically and treatment shall be planned according to this diagnosis.


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