Swallowable Capsule Gastric Balloon

What is a Swallowable Capsule Gastric Balloon?

Overweight and obesity are now seen as a disease and an epidemic that causes many diseases all over the world. Not only diet and exercise program can be effective in defeating this epidemic, different solutions have started to take place in our lives more. One of the non-surgical weight loss methods is balloons. They can be liquid or air filled. Although there are many different types of balloons, the swallowable capsule gastric balloon has recently started to take its place in practice.

It is reported that the Swallowable Capsule gastric balloon is softer in structure and less irritating to the stomach than other classical balloons. In addition, the application is much more comfortable for the patient in terms of performing anesthesia and endoscopy in a comfortable environment. The applied Capsule gastric balloon is expelled by spontaneous defecation after 4-4.5 months, after the liquid in it is slowly excreted.

While the capsule gastric balloon remains, it causes both less food and a decrease in appetite, thus melting the fats in the body and providing weight loss. The amount of weight loss is related to the fat rate of the applied person and compliance with the program. On average, 10-15% of body weight can be reduced in 16 weeks.

How to Make a Swallowable Capsule Gastric Balloon?

It is one of the methods of losing weight without anesthesia, without endoscopy and without surgery. After the preparation period, during the application, which is carried out by talking in a comfortable environment, the capsule with a cannula at the end is swallowed with water, a control x-ray film is taken, and after its location is determined, sterile liquid (500 ml) is injected into the capsule in the stomach through the cannula and inflated into a balloon; Then, the 2nd X-ray film is taken, the balloon position is checked, and the process is terminated by pulling the cannula. Capsule gastric balloon placement takes approximately 15-20 minutes. After the application, a follow-up program is organized.

To whom can the swallowable capsule gastric balloon be applied?

It can be applied to people over the age of 18 and with a body mass index above 27.

To whom can the swallowable capsule gastric balloon not be applied?

  • Large hiatus hernia / gastric hernia 
  • A part of the stomach was removed with previous stomach surgery or intestinal obstruction surgery 
  • Pregnancy or active pregnancy trial  
  • Alcohol or drug addiction  
  • Cancer (in the last 5 years)  
  • Serious diseases (liver, lung, kidney…)  
  • Active digestive tract ulcer, hemorrhages. 
  • Using steroids for a very long time  
  • Coagulation disease
  • Gastric balloon is not applied in such cases.

How is the Pre-Application Process of the Swallowable Capsule Gastric Balloon?

It is one of the methods of losing weight without anesthesia, without endoscopy and without surgery. An overweight patient who meets the criteria has a preparation period of 1 week and 10 days before the application. During this period, the stomach is prepared by taking a stomach protector. A few days before the procedure, the patient needs a liquid and light diet. On the morning of the application day, the necessary medicine is taken to prevent both stomach protection and nausea, and the swallowable capsule gastric balloon procedure is performed.

How is the process after the swallowable capsule gastric balloon?

After the application process, the stomach volume is much smaller, so it is eaten less, and the feeling of hunger decreases due to the prolonged stay of the food in the stomach.

The patient is given a program that he/she must comply with.

Due to the adaptation period in the first few days, there may be sensitivity and nausea in the stomach, but then the patient is relieved. During this period, medication will be taken for nausea and possible cramps. In addition, gastric protector should be taken during the entire period that the balloon will remain in the stomach.

Diet of the treated person:

  • The first 2-3 days is the liquid feeding period. Never forcing should be done, but enough fluid should be taken. Such as water, herbal tea, clear soups.
  • It is the puree period from the 3rd day to 1 week / 10 days. Soft foods are eaten pureed or crushed. Such as fruit, vegetable purees, yogurt.
  • After 1 week and 10 days, nutrition is started within the regulated diet program.
  • Complaints that may occur are much less than other classical balloons because its structure is less irritating.

Side effects?

Although no significant side effects have been observed in all studies, it can cause nausea and cramps, albeit minimally. It can be discarded earlier than 16 weeks in 1% of applications.

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