Neurosurgery Treatment Modalities

NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital, Europe's 2nd Brain Hospital, offers a full-fledged diagnostic and treatment center with its technologic background and expert staff and advisors. We are on the way to be the neurosurgical center of Turkey in the field of brain and neurosurgery, especially in the areas of Back and Spine Surgery, Parkinson and Motion Disorders and Brain Surgeries.

Neurosurgery Treatment Methods

Treatment of Functional Diseases

In diseases that lower the quality of life, such as Parkinson's and other involuntary movements, brain battery practice is particularly prevalent. Epilepsy surgeries are planned in case of epilepsy which is not successfully treated with drugs. For all functional diseases, the patient is assessed with a multidisciplinary approach as to whether surgical treatment is necessary or not.

Spinal Diseases

The spine surgery is conducted for traumatic injuries such as accidents and injuries, narrowing of the spinal canal and slippage of the elderly, as well as surgical interventions for congenital diseases. Also, diseases such as back and neck cancers are treated by the neurosurgeons.

Cerebrovascular Diseases

There are endovascular, interventional neuroradiology and surgery (microsurgical) work groups for the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases.

Cerebrospinal Tumors

Surgical interventions are performed with microsurgery and endoscopic techniques in both adults’ and children’s brain and nerve tumors.

Pediatric Neurosurgery

With our team of pediatric neurosurgeons, all operations, including extensive operations, can be performed successfully in our Hospital.

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