Brain ‘check-up’ and Cognitive Rehabilitation

Brain “Check Up”

Brain Check Up is performed at NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital by a psychiatrist, psychologist, neurologist and radiologist through sustaining multidisciplinary approach.

What methods are applied in Brain “Check Up”?

Brain Check Up assesses the brain's mental activity and performance. Using the computerized EEG devices, it is checked whether the brain works properly; memory and attention tests are used to detect functional disorders. In Brain Check Up; Computerized EEG (CEEG) device is used to monitor brain functions and brain mapping. In addition, computer-assisted cognitive tests are applied to measure memory and attention. Treatment and rehabilitation programs are being implemented according to the problem confirmed.

What do we measure with Brain “Check Up”?

We check if the brain functions well by conducting functional “Check Up” to the brain. In Brain “Check Up” where mental activities are evaluated; anatomical examination of the brain is done by magnetic resonance or computed tomography, functional evaluation. To the person applying for Brain “Check Up”: Neurological and psychiatric examination, blood tests, brain imaging, attention, memory, intelligence measurements are conducted.

Why should we get Brain “Check Up”?

  • Brain “Check Up” is very important for early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer. Alzheimer's, which starts sneaky and leads to severe memory loss, can be detected through Brain “Check Up” in the early stages. Therefore, the treatments can start in the early stages.
  • Every now and then, forgetfulness can worsen in some cases and cause permanent problems. In case of early diagnosis with Brain Check-Up, special mental development and rehabilitation programs can be applied. Due to early diagnosis, attention and concentration can be increased with on time treatment. The abilities of learning and understanding are being improved. The memory is being strengthened. Medication can be offered, if necessary.
  • We recommend Brain “Check Up” to the managers and students who have forgetfulness and distraction. Our experts recommend juvenescence and brain stress-regulating drugs. Also brain exercises that enhance attention, memory, logical thinking, learning, remembering, and remembering skills are being performed with computers.
  • It is now known that depression is a disease that holds a biological dimension. There is a correlation between biochemical dysfunction in the brain and depression. It is being searched whether there are irregular, inoperative areas in the brain. This is specifically used in depressed patients that are treatment-resistant (about 30 percent of depressed patients). In other words, the psychological and social dimension of depression as well as the biological dimension can be monitored.
  • Stress can also be determined by a method. Brain is being monitored at stress hormone levels. In case; stress which upsets the balance of people is detected, then the mental power to relieve tension and body & mind relaxation exercises are being taught.
  • The effects of the drugs used in the human brain can also be detected the same way. The bioavailability of the drug is being measured.


Brain ‘check-up’ and Cognitive Rehabilitation

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