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Caution, If letters or numbers are read incorrectly!

Harfler ya da sayılar yanlış okunuyorsa....

Dyslexia, also known ‘reading disorder’, a subtype of special learning disability, can occur in the form of inability to read letters or numbers, misreading, slower reading, and spelling.

Stating that the diagnosis can be made late due to misperceptions that the child is not intentionally reading or unwilling, experts emphasize the importance of early diagnosis and early special education.

NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Child Adolescent Psychiatry Specialist Doctor Mine Elagöz Yüksel says dyslexia is part of the special learning difficulties. 

Dyslexia in which a child reads letters or numbers incorrectly, also called ‘reading disorder’ is the most common subtype of special learning disability said Doctor Mine Elagöz Yüksel, and added that “Dyslexia can be seen in both boys and girls. Dyslexia is suspected when children have reading skills below their intelligence level. In these children, letters or numbers cannot be read, read incorrectly, slowness in reading speed, spelling can be seen ”

Right-left mixing possible

Dyslexia may be accompanied by other problems noted doctor Mine Elagöz Yüksel and added ‘It can be accompanied by other problems such as right-left confusion, inability to determine direction, difficulty in before-after, back and forth concepts, hitting the ball, skipping rope, difficulty in shoe tying, lack of attention and forgetfulness. 

In cases where special learning disabilities are seen with other subtypes, there may be difficulty in arithmetic, inability to understand reading, wrong or reverse writing.

Children with dyslexia may show different intensity of the symptoms, they do not have to carry every symptom’.

Watch out for late talking!

Stating that learning disorders are neurodevelopmental disorders thought to be caused by the interaction of underlying genetic factors and environmental factors, Doctor Mine Elagöz Yüksel, warned “Although these children are usually diagnosed during primary school, they may show signs of late speech, difficulty in pronunciation of letters and weakness in motor skills’. 

Diagnosis should not be late.

These children have difficulties in academic field because there is no retardation in their intelligence, but noted that they can be resourceful or creative in other fields. 

Doctor Mine Elagöz Yüksel stated that early diagnosis is important. 

“This situation may confuse families, causing the child to be perceived as being deliberate or unwilling to cause the diagnosis to be delayed.In this process, families are frequently consumed, tired of telling and repeating lessons frequently, shouting, criticizing are the common situations. In such cases a child-adolescent psychiatrist is required for diagnosis’ she said. 

Early diagnosis and early special education are important

Emphasizing that rapid progression is possible with early diagnosis and early special education, Mine Elagöz Yüksel said, “Medical treatment cannot be started for every child with dyslexia but drug use can be added to the treatment if needed. Late admission to the physician and delayed diagnosis may cause the child to have self-confidence problems, depression and anxiety, due to inability to do so and may be reluctant to go to school’. 

Collaborate with the teacher

Emphasizing the need to cooperate with the child's teacher during the treatment process Mine Elagöz Yüksel said that ‘the knowledge of the teachers about the diagnosis makes them understand and help the child better. Parents and teachers are understanding and supportive towards the child and this affects the treatment positively. It should be remembered that dyslexia is a condition that children can learn through different methods and dyslexia is the problem that can be treated’.

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02 Ocak 2013
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04 Ekim 2019