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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a nerve compression that occurs in the wrist and affects the hand's fingers. It is a disease that progresses when left untreated.


What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is also known as nerve compression. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs as a result of severe pressure on the nerves, novelties, and tendons. In other words, the nerves cannot control as a result of pressure on the tissue found in the wrist. As a result of this pressure, there is a pain in the wrist and many other different symptoms. Because hand fingers are widespread places, a discomfort that develops in the hands and fingers negatively affects the person and prevents them from doing daily work. For example, it isn't easy to do even minimal actions, such as pulling a zipper, buttoning a button. You may have to get help from someone else—the incidence increases at later ages.

What Are The Causes Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

  • Can be seen in those with a herniated disc
  • Maybe the result of a spinal disc shift
  • It should be known that trauma and injuries cause nerve compression
  • Can occur due to obesity and excess weight
  • Can cause sitting disorders
  • Posture disorders are another cause
  • Continually doing the same job and actively using the mouse or keyboard can cause nerve compression
  • Stress is also a cause
  • As a result of sports activities, there may be a nerve compression with injuries or strain
  • May occur as a result of inflammation of tissues and joints
  • Can cause wrist channels to be narrow
  • Can occur temporarily during pregnancy
  • Being in a professional group that will force the wrist is also a reason

Those are the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome.


What Are The Symptoms Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

  • Numbness in the entire hand and fingers
  • Tingling in the hands and fingers
  • Constant feeling of pain on the wrist, hand, and fingers
  • Inability to use or have difficulty using three fingers of the stuck hand
  • Difficulty performing simple actions such as buttoning
  • Mild pain is felt, the severity of the problem may increase after dealing with tasks such as cleaning
  • Loss of strength is seen in the hands and fingers
  • Difficulty moving the hand
  • Fingers feel electrocuted
  • It is seen that the pain spreads to the arm and shoulder
  • Having difficulty making a fist

These symptoms are known as carpal tunnel syndrome.


What Is The Treatment Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

It is observed that carpal tunnel syndrome is often the reason the work is done. Dealing with a job in which the hands and fingers are used continuously can cause nerve compression in later periods. The treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome with physical therapy is provided. With the treatment plan prepared by the specialist, the patient can use his hands and fingers more comfortably. That is fixed by pressure on the nerve carpal tunnel syndrome with physical therapy treatment.

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