Treatment Methods in Neurosurgery

NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital, as Europe's 2nd Brain Hospital, offers its clients a full-fledged diagnosis and treatment center with its technological infrastructure and expert staff.

Our urge is to be a center of neurosurgery in Turkey and being number one in such fields as Spine Surgery, Parkinson's and Movement Disorders surgery, and brain surgery.

Treatment of Functional Diseases

In diseases that reduce the quality of life, such as Parkinson's disease and other involuntary movement disorders, brain pacing is applied generally. Epilepsy surgery operations are planned in cases of epilepsy when medication therapy cannot be successful. The patient is evaluated with a multidisciplinary approach regarding the necessity or benefit of surgical treatment for all functional diseases.

Spine Diseases

Surgical intervention is applied on the spinal cord in case of congenital diseases, traumatic injuries after accidents, or narrowing and waist slippage on the spinal canal due to aging processes. Also, diseases such as lumbar and neck hernias are treated by our neurosurgeons.

Cerebrovascular Diseases

There is an endovascular interventional neuroradiology and surgery (microsurgical) working group for the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases.

Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors

Surgical intervention with microsurgical and endoscopic techniques is applied in both adults and childhood brain and nerve tumors.

Pediatric neurosurgery

With our expert team in Pediatric Neurosurgery, all surgeries, including very comprehensive operations, can be successfully performed in our hospital.

What is Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery?

Childhood Epilepsy can also develop due to a developmental disorder of the brain, but childhood epilepsy is generally genetic.

It is not correct to describe a person who fainted once in childhood as epilepsy. These need to be repeated. It is possible to be treated with medication. If it is due to a pathological problem, it's called resistant epilepsy and in such cases, surgery should be mentioned.

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