Online Orthopedics Accompanied By Experts

Online Orthopedics Accompanied By Experts


Online Orthopaedic therapy is especially suitable for those living outside the city, abroad, those who want to get a second opinion about their health, those who have had surgery but still have complaints or people who need a roadmap related to their health before they have surgery.

In online Orthopedics therapy; Our Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Prof.Dr.With Mehmet Kerem Canbora, you can get services without coming to the hospital through Zoom.


Do Not Delay Your Treatment


Orthopedic complaints that are delayed due to the pandemic processor for different reasons can cause much more extensive health problems over time. We aim to reach everyone who needs a location-independent service with online Orthopaedic therapy, where our patients can ask all the questions in their minds about orthopedic complaints, get a second opinion about their health, ask all the details about their long-delayed operations.


What services will we offer patients with online Orthopedics therapy?


With online therapy consultation line;


  • Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Prof.DRC.Mehmet Kerem Canbora will make a diagnosis by examining the MRI-graph and tomography of our consultants or give a second opinion on the existing diagnosis,



  • We aim to draw a road map for our patients about their health with a 35-minute session with Prof. Dr. Kerem Canbora.


Let Us Call You

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