Knee Pain


Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common ailment that affects people of all ages. There may be knee pain, a torn ligament or cartilage damage, rheumatic diseases, infection, overuse, arthritis (calcification).

Many simple types of knee pain respond well to small changes made in everyday life. Physical therapy and knee support can also help relieve knee pain. However, in some cases, surgical repair may be required for your knee.


The location and severity of knee pain may vary depending on the cause of the problem. Signs and symptoms that sometimes accompany knee pain include:


  • Swelling and hardness
  • Redness and heat increase
  • Weakness
  • Friction sounds with knee movement (crunching, snapping)
  • Failure to fully fix the directory


You should consult your doctor in the following cases.


  • If you can't carry a load on your knee or feel like your knee is unstable
  • If there is significant knee swelling
  • If you can't fully extend or fold your knee
  • If you have a substantial disfigurement in your leg or knee
  • If you have a fever in addition to redness, pain, and swelling in your knee
  • If you have severe knee pain associated with an injury
  • If your pain does not go away with simple measures and painkillers
  • If your knee has complaints such as a hangout crash
  • If you are unable to do your daily work due to knee pain.


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