Ergotherapy, Sensory Integration Clinic

Ergotherapy studies are carried out to reduce the pathology of psychiatric illnesses of the clients, help them to maintain their health and socialize, develop their self-confidence, various skills and abilities, encourage them to use these skills and abilities in their daily life, make music, art therapies, sports and ebru art to enable them gain awareness on how to evaluate their time efficiently and increase their quality of life. It aims to increase children and young people’s (age range of 0 – 14) quality of daily lives that have growth deficiency and special needs through play and artistic methods. Rehabilitation is applied depending on the personalized development program. Sensory integration therapy, behavior development, social skills development, basic language skills and fine - gross motor skills are targeted to be developed through personalized ergotherapy treatments. In Pediatric Ergotherapy Center; studies are being conducted for the treatment of diseases such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Mental Problems, Learning Strength and Hyperactivity.


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