Chip Treatment in Addiction

Chip Treatment in Addiction

The implant (chip) placed under the skin is effective in alcohol and substance addiction, which is now considered a chronic disease. The treatment aims to keep the patient clean and free from substances or alcohol for life.


The goal of purification treatment is to reduce the desire.

When an addict is taken to treatment, the first week is determined as a detoxification treatment. In other words, while removing the substance from the body, minimizing the withdrawal symptoms, the patient's body is purified from the substance without much trouble, and then, if there is another additional psychiatric disease, his / her treatment is provided.

In the next step; Instead of the substance that is biologically effective in the receptors, drugs that can keep the person away from the substance and reduce cravings are started.

Treatment-drug compliance will be easier.

Until now, drugs were always used in the form of tablets, capsules, a single daily dose, by oral intake. But studies show that; treatment and medication intake is extremely low, especially in addictive patients, as in chronic diseases. For this reason, long-acting drugs are started to be developed for all diseases.


The purpose of treatment with an implant is to reduce the desire.

One of these treatments is a slow-release application that is placed under the skin, mostly known as " implant " by our patients, and is known to be effective for about 2 months.


Must stay in the body for at least a year

implant treatment is not applied to every patient. It is applied to patients who have a motivation for treatment and can follow up with the hospital team. It is especially used in patients with heroin and alcohol addiction. Very good results have been obtained from the applications done so far. Depending on the patient's situation, it is necessary to change the implant every 2-2.5 months. We anticipate that the implant application will continue for at least one year in one patient.


Prevents matter from acting

The most important feature of the implant (chip) is to prevent the effect of the substance on the person being applied.

Staying away from matter becomes a new source of motivation for the person. We are waiting 5 days and a week to start treatment because if there is heroin or alcohol in the blood, we cannot apply especially if there is heroin. If the implant is applied with heroin in the blood, it quickly expels the heroin at that receptor and sticks there itself. Thus, the patient enters heroin craving and heroin crisis very quickly. In other words, it can cause troubles for that patient.

With a hospitalization of about 7-10 days in the hospital, first, the blood is cleaned, and then the implant is applied. This process takes between 5-7 days. After applying the implant, the condition of the patient is observed in those few days, and the patient is discharged on the 15th day.


Different implants are applied to different substance addictions.

Different implant applications are made for different substance addictions. “Disulaphragm implants” are applied to alcohol-dependent patients. Implants of naltrexone are applied to heroin addicts. A drug that should be taken every day blocks an enzyme that causes alcohol to break down when you use that drug. In other words, if a person consumes alcohol while taking the drug, alcohol can cause alcohol poisoning very quickly because the alcohol cannot be broken down and removed from the body. Detailed information is given to the patient before the application. This practice is a form of deterrent treatment that keeps the patient away from drinking alcohol in some way.

It's applied in the lower abdomen.

During the follow-up process in the hospital, after the psychiatrist states that the patient's condition is suitable for the implant, the implant is placed by the general surgeon by making a subcutaneous incision of approximately one centimeter towards the lower abdomen with a small surgical procedure. After the implant is placed, it is followed up for 24 hours against the risk of infection.

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