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Neurorehabilitation Center

Neurorehabilitation Center


It is a care system aimed at improving the quality of life in progressive, incurable, or slow-progressing diseases. Health care has its roots in physical, spiritual, psychological, and social life. Its branches are hospital intensive care unit, palliative intensive care unit, nursing home, home care, daily hospital care, consultant physician, etc. it looks like a tree that is. You can't separate branches and roots from each other.


In Turkey, patients and their families often ask for advanced life support in "intensive care" instead of home care, palliative care, nursing home, or hospital as a place of end-of-life care. Advanced life support is defined as a place where symptoms that develop suddenly due to a healthy or underlying chronic alien disease are treated, and patients who have a chance to save life sleep. Brain hemorrhage, heart attack, or traffic accident can be shown as an example of these conditions.


Evaluating the care status of patients in intensive care units and transferring them to other types of professional care will ease the burden of care for patients and families and ensure maximum efficiency in the level of benefit in their treatment, the level of morale of patients and their relatives, and cost-effectiveness.


Expectation Neurorehabilitation Center:


Studies of the expectations of patients and relatives comfort, symptom management, emotional support, information, education, communication, and patient in decisions about them and in this regard to be competent providers of patient care to be asked questions at any time, and are ranked as an apparent response to give.

Patients and their relatives expect facilities with personalized, compatible, and flexible care facilities to spend more time with the patient in line with these expectations. The neurorehabilitation Center is an organization established following these expectations.


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02 Ocak 2013
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01 Ekim 2020
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