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What Is Psychotherapy?

The main purpose of psychotherapy is not to relax or cheer. psychotherapy is an environment where the individual recognizes himself / herself and a partnership where a psychological setting is tried to be set up, enabling the individual to reach some solutions. It is an effort to get rid of feelings and thoughts which canot be overcome, to make it possible for the individual to see the hindering blockages that stand between him/her and his/her main goal and to help the individual to restructure himself / herself by managing feelings. In short, it is an act of clearing the way blocking the individual by getting to the bottom of the problem through proper techniques and ensuring that that he/she realize himself / herself in a healthy way. Deterioration of the life quality, forgetting the goals we set or the fact that the goal has become invisible calls for a therapeutic process to take place.

Consulting to psychotherapy is not something that should be ashamed of. A lot of succesful people have psychological counsellors. Knowing your shortcomings or challenging processes and looking for solutions is quite important.

First, personality analysis and various tests are conducted and the individual is informed about the results of these tests.

Since the main principle in therapy sessions is that there must be healthy insights, acquired information and deduced results are shared in detail with the individual and the course of the therapeutic program is organised together. Psychologist determines the appropriate type of therapy according to the client’s complaint spectrum. Since continuity is important, no therapy programs should be left unfinished.

Duration of the therapy sessions is 50 minutes; however this can be extended or shortened in various practices. Within the last 15 year, certain tools are included to therapies. Practices such as Biofeedback Neurofeedback, Neurobiofeedback, Edufeedback speed up the therapy process. As supplementary and accelerator elements of modern medicine, several techniques such as Group Therapy, Psychodrama, EFT, EMDR, HYPNOSIS etc. are used by specialist therapists depending on the needs.

The Importance Of Psychotherapy in Children and Adolescents

In overcoming psychiatric and psychological problems in childhood and adolescent periods, and with the help of child-adolescent psychiatrist in required aituations; psychotherapy plays a crucial role. Psychotherapy includes a program planned according to the child’s or adolescent’s needs. For example, for a child suffering from “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” experts perform activities such as special education, attention training, learning techniques, behaviour studies, urge control activities, stress management (Neurobipfeedback activities), personality development, social skills training (communication, empathy, problem solving) etc.

For obsessive compulsive disorder, experts use cognitive behavioral techniques in addition to personality development and social skills training. A level of awareness is provided towards the individual’s obsessions and he/she is given several assignments. As different from adult psychotherapy, counselling of the family and school becomes more important and supportive. In cases where this cooperation cannot be provided, the level of imporvement will be limited.

The purpose of psychotherapy is avoiding recurrences of problems by eliminating situations which cause the problem as well as treating the psychiatric illness.



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