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What is coronavirus? COVID-19-new Coronavirus disease

What is coronavirus (Coronavirus), COVID-19 - new Coronavirus disease is a disease that is actually caused by the virus. The only common thing to be evaluated in the flu category is that it is caused by the virus.

What is coronavirus?

What is coronavirus (coronavirus) is a large family of viruses. It consists of “genetic material” in its middle part, the part called “envelope” around it, and “protein protrusions”.The corona virus is a disease that was detected in 1960, with several varieties. The virus, which is seen mostly in animals, has also been seen in humans for the first time. The current outbreak first appeared in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.

What Are The Symptoms Of Coronavirus?

Coronavirus (Coronovirus ) disease, a high fever (39 degrees) that starts suddenly after an incubation period lasting 2-14 days),It manifests itself with respiratory symptoms such as cough and shortness of breath.Some patients may also have a sore throat and runny nose.The disease usually shows a moderate to severe clinical course. Severe disease suffered as the majority of people who lost their lives because of this disease, and elderly (65 years and older ), those of the underlying disease, lung diseases, organ failure, cancer, diabetes, immunosuppressive diseases, organ transplantation consists of those people who are using drugs that suppress the immune system. In young healthy adults, the disease is relatively mild.

How is coronavirus disease (COVID-19) diagnosed?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is diagnosed with this disease with specially developed diagnostic kits. However, the following symptoms should be observed in order for the diagnosis to be made in the clinical examination.
  • Persistent of coughing fits
  • The fever with unknown origin which does not decrease
  • Nausea that can't stop
  • Intestinal problems (diarrhea)
  • Difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath

COVID-19 New Coronavirus Disease and Symptoms

It is named “corona”, which means crown in Latin, because it resembles the crown of the king in shape.Corona virus (Corona virus) raises fever. The incubation period is shortened to 4 days and 14 days at most. During incubation, the person may not show any symptoms. But once this period is complete the symptoms may be weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, sore throat, cough. New corona virus is no different from Influenza virus in terms of symptoms.

How Coronavirus Is Transmitted

The new Coronavirus, (with its newly given name Covid-19 ) is thought to be transmitted by respiratory secretions like other coronaviruses. Cough, sneezing, laughing and speaking from people with the virus spread to the environment containing respiratory secretions droplets, sound people's mouth, nose and eyes by contact with the cause of these people to become sick. In this way, human-to-human transmission of the disease requires closer contact than 1 meter. According to today's information, it can be said that the New Coronavirus (CoVid-19) is not transmitted by food such as meat, milk, eggs.It is necessary to separate the Influenza virus from the corona virus. Antigenic change in influenza happens very quickly. Influenza is a disease-making, spreading force of influenza faster and more. SARS, Mers Cov and new Corona viruses have different antigenic structures and are different. The latest outbreak is claimed to have been transmitted by eating seafood in the city of Wuhan, although the ethological source is not yet clear. The corona virus has been found to pass from different seafood to humans. It is then transmitted not by those who eat these foods, but by the respiratory output of the people who receive the microbe, to those around them. Later, it is claimed that it was infected with healthcare workers.

Who is at Risk in Coronavirus? Peopleconsidered in the Risky Group

 ​The Elderly Should Pay More Attention.Children under two and those over 70 are at risk. They should be careful when entering crowded places. They should be careful when approaching people. Water and soap are very important for hygiene. Surgical mask may be worn if necessary. Of course, the sick have responsibilities. When we sneeze, we have to close it with our hands, throw the handkerchief in the trash and wash our hands.

Ways To Prevent Coronavirus

There is no vaccine yet developed to protect against coronavirus ( Coronovirus ) disease. For this reason, the most effective method of protection for the time being is to avoid contact with people infected with the virus. Today, no people infected with CoVid-19 have been identified in our country. For this reason, there is no need to take special precautions in the community for the time being. However, many flu, flu-making virus circulating among people in winter months not only from CoVid-19', also to protect against all other respiratory viruses must be taken.The precaution we take to prevent transmission of coronavirus,upper respiratory tract infections, also apply to the new Coronavirus (CoVid-19).
  • Hand cleaning should be considered. Hands should be washed with normal soap and water for at least 20 seconds. There is no need to use soap containing antiseptic or antibacterial.
  • The mouth, nose and eyes should not be touched without washing hands.
  • Avoid contact with sick people (if possible, be at least 1 m away).
  • Hands should be washed, especially after contacting sick people or their surroundings.
  • Since there are no people diagnosed with Coronavirus infection in our country today, healthy people do not need to wear a mask.
  • It is recommended that the person suffering from any viral respiratory infection (such as flu, cold) should cover his nose and mouth with a disposable tissue paper during coughing or sneezing, use the inside of the elbow when the tissue paper is not available, and throw the used tissue into the trash and then wash the hands.
  •  It is recommended that, if possible, the sick people should not enter crowded places, if they are obliged to cover their mouth and nose, and use a medical mask. It is recommended to use the disposable mask for a maximum of 6-8 hours, replace it with a new one, and throw the used mask into the trash and then wash the hands

Impact Of Coronavirus Disease In The World

As of 26.02.20220, the total number of confirmed patients is 78196 worldwide. Of these people, 30078 have recovered and 2718 have died. At this point the number is being updated with new cases.​​​​

What are the Corona Virus (Coronavirus) Treatment Methods?

There is no special drug that has been shown to be effective for coronaviruses today. For this reason, treatments are given to patients to reduce their complaints and to support impaired organ functions.if any persons who have personally traveled or have traveled to China and other countries where the disease has occurred in the past 14 days; If they have symptoms such as fever, cough, and respiratory distress, they should definitely contact the nearest health institution.People who have cancer,  immunosuppressive therapy, kidney disease, and who receive bone marrow transplants are at risk for Corona (Corona virus).​​​​

Coronavirus Can Cause Disease In Which Living Things ?

Coronaviruses can cause disease in birds and mammals. People who make the disease in human is called " Human coronavirus (HCoV)”. They often cause mild upper respiratory tract infections in winter and spring.

Does the New Coronavirus cause death in every person it infects ?

As a result of the review , in people over the age of 65, and asthma, diabetes, heart disease, concomitant diseases such as COPD in patients with severe illness those who have to use medicines that suppress the immune system have a higher risk of the virus. According to our information today, it is known that 10-15% of people infected with the virus have severe disease, and approximately 2% have death.

Is there any other Coronavirus other than the recently found Coronavirus ?

Until 2002, only two types of HCoV were known to cause infection in humans. HCoV-229E and HCoV-OC43 , but in 2002, another HCoV was detected in the Far East, different from those known.(SARS-CoV ) SARS-CoV has infected humans with a severe virus disease from Musk cats. The disease has spread to approximately 30 countries, 8273 people have been infected with this virus, 774 people have died due to this disease .Between 2002 and 2012, another 2 HCoV were identified, which differed from SARS-CoV. These were mild respiratory infections. They continue to circulate among people and cause mild illness.In 2012, another type of coronavirus was detected in the Arabian Peninsula, different from the known Hcovs. (MERS-CoV) this virus was found to be caused by single humped camels. The virus, which passes from camels to humans and causes a severe infection, has spread to about 27 countries, with 2494 people infected with the virus. Of the people who received the virus, 858 died due to the disease caused by this virus. Although the number is decreasing, MERS-CoV still continues to cause disease.In the last week of December 2019, signs of severe respiratory infection appeared in almost the same times in 4 people found to be linked to the live animal market in Wuhan province , China. A new respiratory virus was suspected in 44 people on December 31 , 2019 , with similar findings emerging. The possibility of an outbreak with a new virus was reported to the World Health Organization by national authorities in China on January 3, 2020. Examination of respiratory tract samples from patients showed that the virus was 80% similar to the previous SARS-CoV , and coronavirus, which was found in China on January 7, 2020, was considered to be a species that has not been found to this day. This new virus was named Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).Although it is thought that this virus is transmitted to humans by means of an animal , the source has not yet been determined with certainty. After the first cases were only seen in China, they spread to different countries as well. Not all of these patients have a history of traveling to China. Because of all this information , it is understood that the disease can also pass from person to person.

Should We Wear Gloves While Shopping?

Using gloves is a very important issue. Gloves protect only the wearer. It is a source of transmission for the environment if not used properly. Until the glove is completed in long-term procedures, let's use gloves if we can dispose of them with gloves and throw them into medical waste after we are done. It is perfect if we are doing a short-term job in a short-term transaction, for example not to touch the money. However, if we are not going to do this, if you are going to touch the common phone, if you touch the common areas, this will mean moving a micro organism to another place. The glove you wear for hygiene will be a source of contamination. I think definitely no gloves should be worn except for healthcare professionals.​

Is Coronavirus Treated With Antibiotics?

Covid 19 is a viral infection. Antibiotics don't work to treat viruses. In the treatment of viruses, drugs called antiviral are used. Antibiotics work for bacterial infections. Let's not forget that.

Can Coronavirus Live On Lifeless Surfaces?

The virus lives on lifeless surfaces, but how long it lives is important. If the virus does not have a living cell on the surface, the virus will lose its viability by cleaning it with dryness, heat, and disinfectant. The virus lives on lifeless surfaces for 24 hours. We'd better disinfect the environment often.

Do vinegar and kefir have benefits against coronavirus?

Vinegar is a good disinfectant. It can be used for surface cleaning. If there is mud on the greenery eaten raw, it is a good way to destroy the micro-organisms that are not visible after washing with water and then cleaning with vinegar. Kefir is a good probiotic. It has been shown to prevent many diseases. I don't know the contents of the kefirs sold at the grocery stores. We may prefer kefirs made more at home. Of course, pickles, kefir, vinegar, these are all things that indirectly boost our immune system. To avoid the virus, we must consume things like head, trotting soup, kefir, and so on. None are successful methods for full protection from the virus. There's only one way to protect yourself from the virus, which is to wash your hands with soap and water.

Are There Coronavirus In Materials From China?

It is very wrong to think that materials from China are infected with the virus. In order for any virus to survive, it needs to remain in a living cell. On lifeless surfaces, the virus loses its viability in a short period of time. We knew the coronavirus was gone within 24 hours. However, he is said to be able to stay alive for up to 3, 4 days. For this reason, we say that materials from China are not contagious. However, you can do a cleaning with disinfectant without discrimination.

How Should We Clean Up When We Get Home From The Outside?

We need to do it all the time, not during this Coronavirus outbreak. The outside environment is more polluted. We believe that.
  • We take our shoes off outside the house, we hang our coat by the door, we put our umbrella aside, we take our clothes off.
  • We have to take off our shoes and take off our clothes and put them in the dirt. We should wash our hands later.
  • We should wash our hands with soap and water.
  • If we did a very dirty job, we should take a shower, but we can't say do it every day. After this is over, we can go to the common area and rest in our room.
  • And we can put our coats in the open and air it for a couple of hours.

Does My Pet Corona Infect 19?

It has been observed that Covid 19 is only a receptor in bats except human beings so far.

Does the flu vaccine protect you from Covid 19?

The flu vaccine protects us from seasonal flu,therefore from Infroanza. But think of it this way, Coronavirus infection is easier to infect in people with reduced immune systems. If you have seasonal flu, if you are over 65 years old and have another underlying disease, this means you will have a more severe corona virus infection. We recommend getting the flu shot once a year no matter what. It should be known, however, that the flu vaccine does not protect you from Covid 19. Inflozanza with Corona is a different virus. However, the flu vaccine helps you to have a milder disease.

What Type Of Mask Should We Use?

That's a question many people wonder about. İs very important to know what is the kind of people work. We physicians are people who have one-to-one close contact with the patient wearing simple surgical masks. I suggest you all. However, someone who will take a sample from a suspect needs to wear masks called N95, which is a special protection. Apart from this, I do not recommend using more than one mask, knitting masks, wearing crocheted masks and I say that they should not be used.

Does Every Person Who Coughs Have The Covid 19 Virus?

Do you smoke so first you need to use it. Any food in our throats can make us cough. Cough is a reflex. It is an effort in the body to dispose of a substance in the respiratory tract. The cough is not covid's only symptom. This chain of symptoms. The person who coughs shouldn't think it's Corona. If you have a high fever, sore throat, or nasal discharge, please contact a medical institution.

Can Cologne And Hand Sanitizer Protect Us From Disease?

There is alcohol in Cologne. It contains up to 80% alcohol. It's not a hand cleaner, but it's a disinfectant that keeps the hand clean. The frequency of use of Cologne here is very important. Continuous use can lead to skin disease called dermatitis. Cologne protects us from infection, but we shouldn't wash our hands with water-like Cologne all the time. If we have any visible contamination, we should resort to water and soap, not alcohol-based things. We should wash our hands with tap water and soap. After that, if we think that the place is at risk for microorganisms when we come into contact with any place, we can use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
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