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Üsküdar University’s brain clutter studies seem to have resonated in the United States

Üsküdar University representing Turkey in Brain İnitiative Project launched in 2013 by the U.S.A. President Barack Obama to develop treatment and to study the unknown secrets of the brain and major diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Autism, Schizophrenia, and Parkinson's disease attended to the brain meeting in Miami on 8-10 April. Entropy studies presentation of Üsküdar University, as project partner in the meeting, has attracted great interest. Entropy-bipolar, entropy-depression studies are measuring clutter degree in the brain through complex mathematics and custom developed software system.

Üsküdar University participated 13th annual meeting of Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT) with a team of 15 experts. Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Prof. Selahattin Gültekin who headed the team   commented on Miami meeting and the presentations of Üsküdar University at this meeting:

“We gave 12 presentations in a meeting that was attended by approximately 200 people. Ten of them were verbal presentations, and 2 poster presentations. In meetings on brain mapping, there were people with different backgrounds and from all parts of the world. There were people working in the fields of medicine, engineering, science field, and jurists as well … NASA is also attending to the studies. Most of the studies at NASA are on brain traumas and related psychological disorders of soldiers returned especially from places such as Afghanistan, Iraq. We had the opportunity to listen to many studies on this subject.

We as Üsküdar University gave very successful presentations. Especially our studies on entropy, entropy-bipolar relations, entropy-depression relations as Faculty of Engineering were found very different, interesting and respectable. A lot of people asked: “How do you make it”. What we did was really things done for the first time, and in fact, we haven't seen it in the literature. In our studies, we tried to measure the degree of clutter in our brain”

Laboratories are in the service of the brain

Being thematic in the field of health and behavioral sciences Üsküdar University, incorporated NPİSTANBUL Neuropsychiatry Hospital, is making significant investments in brain research. In the University's Neuroscience laboratories, brain imaging is performed by using advanced methods such as functional magnetic resonance and quantitative electroencephalography in neurological and psychiatric illnesses. In the University's Neuropsychopharmacology laboratory, studies on the development of new drugs in the treatment of brain diseases are continuing; in pharmacogenetics laboratory, difficulties in treatment due to genetic differences are investigated and individual-specific treatment approaches are focused. In molecular biology laboratory, the causes of brain disorders at the cellular and molecular level are being investigated.

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