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The First Thematic University Of Turkey Has Been Opened

Uskudar University, founded by the Foundation of Human Values and Mental Health, opens its doors as the first thematic university of Turkey in the field of Behavioral Health and Sciences. The university will receive 1020 students in the 2012-2013 academic year.

Uskudar University, which is the first and only thematic university of Turkey in behavioral health and sciences and the rector of which is Prof.Dr.Nevzat Tarhan, starts its first academic year. The teaching staff of Uskudar University, that bears a quota of 1020 students for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Engineering and Natural Sciences, Health Sciences and Health Services Vocational High School, include respectable scientists who have put their signatures under important studies in their academic fields.

Students who receive education in Uskudar University will not only find the opportunity of internship in NPISTANBUL HOSPITAL, which is the first neuropsychiatry hospital of Turkey, and its polyclinics but they will also take advantage of the priority in terms of job facilities within the group. Prof.Dr.Nevzat Tarhan, who gave information about the targets and distinctness of the university in the presentation meeting, said: “Uskudar University is the only alternative in clinical and practical facilities for students who are interested in Behavioral Health Sciences.

We have academic members who will make research about the production of brain cells in the field of Bioengineering. We have laboratories that we founded on an area of 1,600 square meter for neuroimaging and brain signal tests. We offer incomparable practical and clinical facilities in such issues like health physics. We have no alternatives in the development of brain computer interface (BCI), which marks the future informatics in the field of Computer Engineering, and the clinical substructure of artificial mind studies. The only institution where students can receive education in these scientific fields is Uskudar University”.

Prof.Dr.Nevzat Tarhan, who points to the fact that most of the departments of Uskudar University are matchless, went on his speech: “Students who prefer us will make investment in future occupations instead of opting for routine jobs. Besides, they will be able to find jobs easily thanks to their expertise in recent professions”.

Uskudar University has the necessary substructure to provide clinical practice in the field of neuropsychiatry for the programmes available in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Health Services Vocational High School, which will also offer software psychology education whose target is user friendly software development. Our university is becoming distinct from the foundation universities in Turkey through its adoption of the multidisciplinary approach in psychology, philosophy, health, genetics and engineering.

Uskudar University offers a wide range of scholarship facilities in addition to the scholarships of ASAPC. Thanks to these scholarships, every other student will get the opportunity of studying as scholarship student at this university. Our university will also provide the students who have been raised in the dormitories of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and who have grown up without parents (orphans) during their primary school education with the possibility of %50 scholarship university education.

Date of upload : 11.09.2012 13:09
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