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Prof. Lord John Alderdice visited NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital

Offered the honorary doctorate by Üsküdar University Senate, Oxford University Prof. Lord John Alderdice visited NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital.
Lord John Alderdice, a psychiatrist himself, said he was impressed by the technological capacities the hospital has.

Oxford University Professor Lord John Alderdice who played an important role in the peace making in Northern Ireland was awarded an honorary doctorate by Üsküdar University Senate for his scientific work in the fields of political psychology and psychiatry, the projects he developed in the field of international relations as well as his unique contributions in world peace.

Being also a psychiatrist, Lord John Alderdice toured in NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital, after having lunch at its partner of Üsküdar University, to get information. During this tour, Professor Lord John Alderdice visited the service center, the Neuromodulation Center, and the Occupational Therapy Center.

Having examined the book prepared to emphasize the contribution of ergotherapy to psychiatric treatment, Lord Alderdice said that he was deeply affected by the marbling studies of bipolar and schizophrenic clients before and after the treatment.
Lord John Alderdice affirmed that the technological capacities of the hospital were very advanced.

Toured the Faculty of Medicine
Having also received detailed information about TMU Therapy in Neuromodulation Center, Lord John Alderdice left the hospital after having visited Üsküdar University School of Medicine during 2019-2020 Academic Year.
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