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Prof. Aziz Sancar showed great interest in gene-based studies of Üsküdar University

Üsküdar University attended the annual conference of TASSA (Turkish American Scientists and Scholar Association) held in Chicago University. At the conference, Üsküdar University delegation had the opportunity to talk about our gene-based studies to Nobel laureate Turkish Academician Prof. Aziz Sancar. Prof. Sancar showed great interest.

Üsküdar University Vice-Chancellor, Head of Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Prof. Muhsin Konuk attended the conference. Brain and pharmacogenomics groups of the University gave two poster presentations. Director of the Üsküdar University International Relations Office Emre Üçssular also attended the program, by opening a stand and exchanged ideas with scientists from many different countries.

In the conference, various topics such as “Science and Society”, “Prominent of  Biomedical and Translational Science”, “Turkish-American Bridge Programs”, “Joint Projects”, “College Rankings”, “Turkish Universities” and "Optimization of the Engineering Field” were discussed. 

The Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Fikri Işık gave a speech at the conference, and Nobel laureate scientist Prof. Aziz Sancar explained his Nobel prize winning work.

In the conference of TASSA which serves as a bridge between scientists in Turkey and Turkish scientists in the United States; there were participants from 7 countries, and it was accentuated that efforts were made for Turkey to obtain a competitive position in the World.

In the conference, Prof. Muhsin Konuk and Emre Üçsular talked to the Nobel laureate Turkish Academician Prof. Aziz Sancar. Prof. Sancar was informed about the gene-based studies of Üsküdar University and Prof. Sancar expressed his interest in the studies. 


Date of upload : 29.04.2016 09:06
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