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Orange sized tumor was detected inside the brain of a 2 years old Ukrainian Nikita.

"Orange sized  tumor was detected inside the brain of a 2 years old  Ukrainian Nikita.With all the treatments made in her country were insufficient and Nikita gained her health after the surgery in Istanbul.                                                                                                

 Nikita Franchuk, who lives in Ukraine, had a weakness in her right hand and foot functions when she was 1 year old. Doctors in Ukraine recommended massage. She was walking, playing, but she couldn't open her hand, her foot was inward. Then one day she stopped moving. Her parents took her to the doctor. They said, ""There was a reaction to the vaccine. Then they said that that there may be accumulation of Cerebrospinal fluid.    
22 years old mother Marina Françuk said:  ""My country has no medical knowledge as in Turkey"". Therefore, I was very nervous. When I came to Turkey very relieved. she can grap infection when she go back to her countrey thats why they did not suggest that Nikita's do surgery again. Here the tumor was completely removed .Now when she wakes up at night, she doesn't cry she start to walk and eat also smiling. She like Dr. Mustafa alot , We will come here for the checks, we thank everyone very much."

Date of upload : 15.10.2019 11:17
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