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Pandemic Boosted Obesity All Over the World

Negative Effects on Cardiovascular System 

Cardiologists all over the world highlight the fact that pandemic has increased the risk of cardiovascular disorders because of overweight, which has drastically risen both with children and adults. During COVID-19 pandemic people preferences in food have changed, we tend to consume more fast carbohydrates and spend most of our time at home sitting in front of our computers because of working from home concept. What should be done to protect our blood vessels?

The second week of each May is designated as a Day of Heart Health Awareness all over the world. 

Mehmet Baltali, MD, Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery, NP Istanbul Brain Hospital, University of Uskudar puts into words the effects of junk food consumption and lack of physical activity in regards with our heart and blood vessels health. 


Pandemic prevented people from getting treatment of their disease

COVID-19 fears have caused people to ignore their complaints concerning health and, therefore, prevented them from receiving efficient medical care. Intensive care units were filled up with seriously ill COVID-19 patients and there were no beds for other patients, for example, people with cardiovascular acute conditions. Even later, when I.C.U.s had a capacity to receive patients, people were too scared to get coronavirus, so they avoid medical care. 

Lifestyle directly affects heart health

There exist several pivotal factors, which increase the risk of cardiovascular disorders. First of all, people over 40 years old have a higher risk of cardiovascular disorders. The next factor is gender. Men are about twice as likely as women to have a heart attack. Then, many health issues like diabetes, obesity, skeletal problems, mental disorders, and, finally, cardio-vascular diseases can be caused by unhealthy lifestyle. There is an obvious connection between lifestyle and health overall. Fears of getting coronavirus made people avoid socialisation and sports. 

Obesity increases risk of complications

According to the latest researches, fast carbohydrates especially baked goods consumption increased drastically during pandemic, which in its turn caused a booming number of obesity and overweight cases. It is a well-known fact that overweight and obesity have been consistently associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases. Apart from that, having obesity triples the risk for severe complications from COVID-19. 

Physical activity on a regular basis

Mehmet Baltali, MD, Professor of Cardiovascular Disease recommends people in pandemic, people working from home to do sports or at least to be physically active at least 20 minutes per day. We should try to maintain a balanced diet including fresh vegetables and fruits. One should remember that vitamins do not actually have any important impact on cardiovascular health, thus, vitamins intake should be closely followed up by your physician.

Date of upload : 16.04.2021 14:07
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