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How to Overcome Exam Anxiety?

What are the most essential tips?

So-called distance learning or distance education causes anxiety and stress for students during pandemic. Students face difficulties in learning as their home environment used to be a place for joy, entertainment and relaxing, however, nowadays their homes have become a place for study and even examination. What do experts recommend to reduce stress and general anxiety before exams during pandemic?

Üskudar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Clinical Psychologist Serkan Elci shared his viewpoint on students’ anxiety occurred due to distance learning or online education and university entrance exams. 


Place to Live or to Study?

Noting that students experience serious difficulties in distance education, especially due to coronavirus pandemic, Serkan Elci said, “Our home is a place to relax. For children and teenagers their homes were a place to play games, to relax, whereas nowadays homes have become a place to study and pass exams. Therefore, it may take time for their brain to cope with those difficulties. It is not surprising that when a place to live has become a place to study children get nervous and anxious.  


Bullet Planning  

Clinical psychologist Serkan Elci emphasizes the importance of making progress in a planned and programmed manner in order to reduce or even overcome test anxiety. Serkan Elci said, “One has to know very well what he or she will do tomorrow. If we are able to plan our daily routines, it means that we know what we will face tomorrow, at what time we will complete duties and when we will have a rest, thus, we can predict our next day. This piece of knowledge helps us to dwell on important things and control our time. It is simple, the more we know about our future, the less we feel anxious and nervous at present.”


Realistic Goals Setting 

Another important tip in order to reduce exam anxiety is to set realist goals, the ones you are capable of completing in a specific period of time. Serkan Elci said, “In other words, the person must know what s/he is supposed to do today and make sure that the goals are clear and achievable. 70-80% goals completion is a great success, by the way! It is also important for a person as well as for a child to make plans for the future and set realistic objectives. Students can also predict their exam success from their usual work pace. If there is a specific and reachable goal set, it will be much easier for a student to achieve it and measure his or her success rate.”



Sleep Pattern 

Clinical Psychologist Serkan Elçi also stresses the importance of sleep cycle or a normal sleep pattern. It is very important to follow a consistent sleep schedule on a daily basis. Normal sleep schedule is being constantly neglected during pandemic. Nevertheless, we should remember that sleep at night follows certain order. During night sleep, especially between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., our bodies releases different hormones, they help us to regain our energy and strengthen immune system, so that the other day we feel active and are able to be productive. That is why student should set a bedtime and go to bed at the same time in the evening. If your bedtime hours tend to shifting or you go to bed too late, your brain will not  be able to function properly the other day. Therefore, normal night sleep pattern and certain schedule are factors, which assist you in overcoming stress and anxiety during examination period.

Date of upload : 10.06.2021 14:57
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