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Causes of Snoring and Its Treatment

Nowadays a tremendous number of people suffer from snoring. They either hear complaints from their partners or neighbours, or feel extremely exhausted and sleepy all the time, even after a deep sleep. What is behind the snore? What is it exactly?

NPİSTANBUL Brain Hosiptal Uskudar University Professor of ENT, Dr. Murat Topak, shared his veiwpoint on snoring and its treatment. 

Nasal airways

Dr. Murat Topak explains snoring as loud specific noise caused by tongue, mouth, throat and nasal airways vibratiotn as you inhale. The air faces difficulty or obstruction because of blockage of nasal airways, or other ENT chronic or acute conditions. The most important thing, believe it or not, we should remember, that if a person snores, then s/he experience difficulty in breathing.

Chronic fatigue

Many of us perceive that snoring is not dangerous at all, it is just about discomfort and there is nothing to worry about. However, snoring is always rooted in certain health problems, which should be diagnosed first and then treated. We should keep in mind that snoring makes a person to feel tired and exhausted, because it prevents him/her from inhaling properly. 


As a part of diagnostics, ENT specialist needs to examine your throat, nasal airways, tonsils, pharynx, middle and inner ears using a high-tech video endoscope. The examination is painless and does not require any sedation or local anaesthesia. In some cases, we also recommend a patient to undergo polysomnography.

ENT diseases  

Dr. Murat Topak continues: “After a detailed examination we can be confirm the diagnosis and find out the reasons of snoring, thus, it will enable us to come up with a correct treatment. The following disorders generally cause snoring and breathing shortage during a sleep: a deviated nasal septum, nasal polyps, turbonate hypertrophy, allergic rhinitis, acute or chronic tonsillitis and many others.”

Anatomic peculiarities of nasal cavity and throat   

Apart from that, some anatomic peculiarities of nasal cavity and throat can also be behind the snore, for example, enlarged or enlongated uvula or floppy larynx tissue. Besides, enlarged tonsils might also be blamed. All those pathological conditions require surgical treatment and are effectively treated. 

Excessive weight and obesity

Last but not least, the doctor also highlights the importance of healthy lifestyle and maintenance of a healthy weight. Excessive weight and obesity are another reasons for snoring, therefore, eating healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle are the keys to success. Finally, quitting smoking and avoiding alcohol consumption will show you to advantage.

Date of upload : 12.07.2021 09:39
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