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He was born in 1987 in Istanbul. After graduating from Kadıköy Kemal Atatürk High School in 2005, he won the Psychology Department of Girne American University in 2007 and completed his undergraduate education in 2011 by transferring to Maltepe University Psychology Department.

During his education, he worked as an intern for 1 month within the scope of social responsibility project in Maltepe Elderly Care House. He completed his compulsory internship at the Private Aydos Rehabilitation Center, and then continued voluntarily for 1 year.

He completed his military service in 2011 at Diyarbakır 8th Main Jet Base Command at RDM (Guidance and Counseling Center) as a Health Ensign. He worked in areas such as follow-up of patients with substance abuse, follow-up of soldiers and personnel with psychological problems, intervention in acute psychological crises, post-traumatic status of military personnel in the post-Van earthquake region, and organizing psychoeducational seminars for the privates.

He worked as a Psychologist at Private Aydos Private Education and Rehabilitation Center between 2012-2013, and after completing his 3-month English education in England in 2013, he started his Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology at Üsküdar University. Specialization training is at thesis stage. He has been working as a Psychologist at NPİSTANBUL Hospital since May 2014.

Congresses and Trainings Attended:

2007 October- Stress Education Seminar (Girne American University)

2010 February- Baby Massage Training (IAIM)

2011- Substance Abuse Training (Samsun Field Medical School and Central Education Command)

2011- Combating Suicide Training (Air Force Command)

2011- Coordination Panel of Guidance and Counseling Centers (Air Force Command)

2012 - Communication System Training Seminar via PECS / Image Exchange

2014- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training (Prof. Dr. Perin Yolaç)

2014- Sexual Therapy Training (Assoc. Dr. Cebrail Short)


Kadıkoy Kemal Atatürk High School / 2005

Girne American University / Psychology / 2007

Maltepe University / Psychology / 2011

Uskudar University / Clinical Psychology – Master

Maltepe Elderly Care Home - Internship

Private Aydos Rehabilitation Center - Internship

Private Aydos Rehabilitation Center / Psychologist - 2012-2013

Npİstanbul Hospital / Psychologist / May 2014


Personality disorders

Anxiety disorders

Sexual Dysfunctions

Chronic mental disorders

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