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2001-2008 Cumhuriyet Primary School Seydisehir / KONYA

2008-2009 Governor Necati Cetinkaya Primary School Meram / KONYA

2009-2013 Samiha Ayverdi Anadolu High School Fatih / İSTANBUL

2013-2017 Uskudar University Department of Ergotherapy Uskudar / İSTANBUL

2017-2019 Uskudar University Neuroscience Master Uskudar / İSTANBUL

2 years of field experience as assistant alongside Ergotherapist SHAHRAM MOHSENİ at Uskudar University Occupational Therapy Clinic

Master Member of Uskudar University Occupational Therapy Club

Founding member of Etiler Medical Center Occupational Therapy Clinic

Founding Membership Of Altunizade Polyclinic Of Üsküdar University

Interdisciplinary Brain Research Association (Chairman of the Board)

Ergotherapist at NPİSTANBUL Hospital

Head of Autism Research Group (NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital) 2018


Sensory Integration Problems

Cerebral Palsy

Brain traumas (hemiplegia .)

Motor motion disorders

Cognitive (cognitive) disorders

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity

School Skill Problems

Behavior Problems in Children (social adaptation, anger problems .)

Mental Reterdation (mental development problems)

Magnetic Stimulation Techniques

Muammer AYDOĞDU was born in Konya.

He became the first ergotherapists to graduate from Istanbul after 4 years of Undergraduate Education in the Department of ergotherapy at Üsküdar University. As head of the Department of ergotherapy during his undergraduate education, he participated in many conferences and courses both as a speaker and as a participant in many documents and certificates.

He made field experience in Kocaeli University Izmit Rehabilitation Center, Erenkoy Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, Haydarpasa Training and Research Hospital Valide Bag Physiotherapy Policlinic, Sensory Academy child development center, White Stair Rehabilitation Center, Erenkoy Spirit and Nerve Hospital.

He worked with Iranian Ergotherapist Shahram MOHSENİ, who has 30 years of field experience in NP Altunizade Ergotherapy and Sensory Integration Policlinic and NP Etiler Ergotherapy and Sensory Integration Polyclinic, within the body of Üsküdar University. During this time, he made many studies and benefited in the development of the current ergotherapy department and ergotherapy polyclinics.

He continues his studies in NP Brain Hospital on magnetic field and cognitive approaches by carrying out studies on new treatment approaches in autism. Scientific interests are Autism, Cerebral palsy, Neuroplasticity, Magnetic stimulation treatments .

He is currently studying at Anadolu University Department of Health Management and Master of Science in neuroscience at Uskudar University.

He started its activities by establishing the Ergotherapy Clinic and Sensory Integration Clinic within 4 months at NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital

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Gizli Yorumcu
26 Şubat 2021, 11:28

Hello!!! We received rehabilitation for 1 month from Ergotherapist Mummer Bey, Physiotherapist Orkan Bey And neurologist Barysh Bey. Thank you so much for the professional analysis for the work, for the patient's attitude. My Daughter fell in love with Orcan Bey and Mummer Bey, which means that doctors here treat the patient with great love❤❤❤

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