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Middle East Technical University / License (2014)

Anadolu University / Institute of Health Sciences / Master of Science in language and Speech Therapy( with Graduation Project)2017.

Istanbul Kent University / Institute of Social Sciences / Master of Science in Clinical Psychology (continued)

Anadolu University / Institute of Health Sciences / Language and Speech Therapy Doctorate (2015-continued

UskUdar University Faculty of Health Sciences / Speech and Language Therapy / Instructor (2015-present)

Galatasaray University / Instructor (Part Time-2015)

Okan University / Lecturer (2015 )

Developmental Speech and Language Disorders

Articulation Disorders (Pronunciation/Phonetic Disorders)


Acquired Language Disorders (Aphasia, TBI, Right Brain Injury)

Motor Speech Disorders (Apraxia, Dysarthria)

Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia)

Pediatric Voice Disorders

Sound Disorders

Vitalstim and Neuro-interventional Applications (TMU, DCS)

He graduated from Middle East Technical University as a high honor student in 2014 During this period, he participated in many national and international conferences and took part in the organizing committee Turkey has achieved first place in various national competitions. After his graduation, he worked for one year as a lecturer at Galatasaray University and Okan University and in the same year he started his master's degree program at the Department of cognitive sciences (psychology&linguistics) of Middle East Technical University he continued to work as an instructor. Anadolu University Institute of Health Sciences started the Ph.D. Program in the Department of Speech and Language Therapy. In 2017, he completed his graduate requirements and 300 hours of clinical practice at Anadolu University Language and Speech Disorders Education, Research and Application Center. He was awarded a master's degree with his master's degree project titled “Comparing the Language Usage Knowledge of Children with Normal Development Between 36-48 Months and Children with Specific Language Disorders Between 48-60 Months”. He still continues his doctorate studies at the thesis stage.

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