After she completed private German high school, she graduated from Koch University psychology (full scholarship). During her university years, she worked as a research assistant. Her research has been presented as a poster at national and international congresses. During her studies, she worked as an intern at Dokuz September University's mental and Nervous Diseases Unit,she did her internship in the IBB women's and Family Health Center and the Institute of Behavioral Sciences. After completing her bachelor's degree, she completed her master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Okan University. she completed "cognitive behavioral therapy and schema therapy" training during her master's degree and  she received her supervision training  by Prof. Dr. Perin Yolaç and Dr. Alp Karaosmanoğlu.

She has performed cognitive behavioral based psychotherapies at Okan University Psychological Supported by Prof. Dr.kultegin. She was an assistant in the research carried out by Kültegin Ögel. In addition, she worked as a child and adolescent psychologist at a private Child Family Health Center and at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality women and Family Health Center, conducted studies with children and their families and provided counseling to families. During this period, she received many trainings for children and adolescents and went through the supervision process. Professional courses: Family Therapy, child and adolescent therapy, mindfulness therapy, motivational interviewing techniques, play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, Trauma Education, psycho-oncology education and conscious awareness-Based stress reduction training in a doctoral Clinical Psychology Department of the University of nine September, currently she is continuing her education. she has been working as a specialist clinical psychologist at Npistanbul brain Hospital since 2011.


Private German High School

Koch University / Psychology (Full Scholarship))

Okan University / Clinical Psychology

Dokuz September University / PhD In Clinical Psychology

Cognitive behavioral therapy and schema therapy

Family Therapy

Child and Adolescent therapy

Mindfulness Therapy

Motivational Interview Techniques

Play Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Trauma Training

Psychooncology Education

Conscious Awareness-Based Stress Reduction Training

Dokuz Eylül University / Mental and Neurological Diseases Unit - trainee

İBB Women and Family Health Center and Behavioral Sciences Institute - trainee

Private child family health center

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Women and Family Health Center / Child and Adolescent Psychologist

NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital / Specialist Clinical Psychologist / 2011-

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