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Clinical Psychologist Gülçin ŞENYUVA

Clinical Psychologist Gülçin ŞENYUVA

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Randevu Al

Haydarpasha Anatolian High School / 2000

Istanbul University / Psychology / 2004

Istanbul University / Ph. D.

Bakırkoy Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital / “Psychosocial Support for Schizophrenic Families”

Turkish Psychologists Association / 2006-2007

EU Supported “Cope With Menopause And Andropause” Project / 2006-2007

Ministry of Justice General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses / Trainer and Psychologist / 2007-2013

Private Academic Hospital / Psychotherapist in Sexual Dysfunction Unit / 2013-2015

Bursa\'da Meydan / 21 Ocak 2020
Adana Egemen Gazetesi / 15 Ocak 2020
Kahramanmaraş\'ta Bugün / 15 Ocak 2020
Malatya Bu Sabah / 15 Ocak 2020
Son An / 19 Ekim 2019
Son Saat / 19 Ekim 2019

She was born in 1982 in Golcuk, Gulchin Shenyuva graduated from Haydarpaşa Anatolian High School in 2000. In 2004, she graduated from Istanbul University Psychology Department .During her undergraduate studies, she worked as a volunteer in the “psychosocial support to schizophrenic Families” Project at Bakırkoy Hospital for mental and Nervous Diseases.

He completed her master's degree in 2007 at the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Istanbul University with her thesis on “evaluation of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in those subjected to physical violence”. She is currently studying for her doctorate at the same university.

Between 2006-2007, she worked as a group therapist and trainer in the “deal with menopause and Androposis” project, which was supported by the Turkish Association of psychologists and the EU. Between 2007 and 2013 she worked as an educator and psychologist in the General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses of the Ministry of Justice. Between 2013 and 2015, she worked as a senior lecturer at various universities and taught courses in forensic psychology, theories of psychotherapy, psychosocial intervention to trauma and psychosocial intervention to special traumatic groups. She was a psychotherapist in the sexual dysfunction Unit at the private Academic hospital between 2013-2015.

She has received 450 hours of cognitive and behavioral therapy training approved by the European Association for Cognitive and behavioral therapies (EABCT) given by Prof. Dr. Mehmet Z.  Sungur and is eligible to become a KDT therapist. 1 And 2. Module sexual dysfunction given by CETAD and Prof. Dr. Mehmet Z.. She has been trained in couple and sexual therapies given by Sungur. She has received training for Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and EMDR. Spc. Psychologist Gulchin SHENYUVA is currently working on 200 hours of “cognitive and behavioral therapy in children and adolescents” given by Maria Ceu Salvador and Prof. Dr. Murat Dokur and continues 500 hours of “family and Couple Therapy” Training

She is a board member of the Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies Association. She is on the organizing committee of KDTD congresses and is the general secretary. In the Turkish Psychological Association Trauma Commission she has taken part in many voluntary disaster and crisis situations. She is a member of the International AssociationforCognitivePsychotherapy (IACP).

Interests: Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and sexual dysfunction.

Notifications presented at national and international congresses:

"Behavior disorders and KDT practices", 50. National Psychiatry Congress, Antalya, 2014

“Is vaginismus a symphony, a disorder a culturerelatedphenomenon?", 16th. Congress of theeuropeasocietyforsexualmedicine, Istanbul, 2014

"Behavior Disorders and KDT practices", 49. National Psychiatry Congress, Izmir, 2013

“Cognitive Assessment of the Difference Between Delinquent And ADHD Adolescents”, World Congress of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Peru, 2013

” Cognitive Behavioral Therapy of anger", Society for Cognitive and behavioral therapies 3. National Congress, Istanbul, 2013

"Individualized improvement concept and BISIS", justice for children Symposium, Ankara, 2012

"Psychosocial interventions after disaster: the case of the Van earthquake", international spiritual trauma meetings-VII, Istanbul, 2012

"Preparation studies in early-stage psychosocial interventions to disaster", international spiritual trauma meetings-VII, Istanbul, 2012

"Sociotropy-Autonomy and ImplicationsforSocialphobia”, 7th. International Congress Cognitive Psychotherapy, Istanbul, 2011

“Prevalence Of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder In Sexual Assault Victims", 14. National Forensic Medicine Days, Antalya, 2007

“KDT in Clinical Psychology: an example of cross-sectional practice”, Society for Cognitive and behavioral therapies 1. National Congress, Istanbul, 2007

” Evaluation Of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder In Cases Of Physical Violence", 6. National Congress Of Forensic Sciences, Antalya, 2007

” Comparative evaluation of sexual beliefs among medical students without sexual dysfunction and Persons with low socio-economic levels and those presenting with sexual dysfunction", sexuality and sexual therapies 6. National Congress, Istanbul, 2006

” Relationship of non-functional attitudes scale (photo) scores with disease severity and comorbidity in social phobia patients", 42. National Psychiatry Congress, Istanbul, 2006

” Thought Distortions In Social Phobia Patients", 42. National Psychiatry Congress, Istanbul, 2006

“Levels of stigmatization perception and emotion expression near people diagnosed with schizophrenia", 40. National Psychiatry Congress, Antalya, 2004

” Woman In The Eyes Of Man", 13. National Psychology Congress, Istanbul, 2004

"Blakar's work on applying the state of communication conflicts (ICD) method", 13. National Psychology Congress, Istanbul, 2004

” Effect Of Social Categorization Process On Communication Effectiveness Parameters", 13. National Psychology Congress, Istanbul, 2004

“Dissociation and dissociative disorders", 9. National Congress Of Psychology Students, Ankara, 2004

“Schizophrenia”, 9. National Congress Of Psychology Students, Ankara, 2004

” Social Development in children and adolescents", 6. Child Development Public Seminars, Istanbul, 2004

” Examining The Priorities Of Psychiatrists In Follow-Up Strategies In The Psychosis Clinic", 39. National Psychiatry Congress, Antalya, 2003

“Burnout Syndrome", 8.National Congress Of Psychology Students, Ankara, 2003

"P. Replication Of Asch's Experiment On The Effect Of The Majority On The Minority", 8.National Congress Of Psychology Students, Ankara, 2003

"Comparison of 16pf and 16PA personality tests", 8.National Congress Of Psychology Students, Ankara, 2003

Published Articles:

“The validity and Reliability Study of the spiritual screening scale (ERST) for adolescents”, Thinking Man Magazine, 2012; 25 (1), 8-16

” Evaluation of the risks and needs of adolescents in conflict with the law: Development and standardization of research and Evaluation Form", Anadolu Journal of Psychiatry, 2011; 12, 143-150

“Evaluation Of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder In Physical Violence Cases”, Journal Of Forensic Medicine, 2009; 23(1), 1-14

” Interpersonal relationship scale and psychological sensitivity in oral therapies in erectile dysfunction (ED)", Turkish Andrology Bulletin, 2005; 23

"Psychological Support In Prisons”, Current Law, 2006; 52-56

“Kişisel Verilerin Korunması Kanunu kapsamında Bilgilendirme ve Aydınlatma Metnini okudum, onayladım. (*)

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