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Clinical Psychologist Esma UYGUN

Clinical Psychologist Esma UYGUN
Clinical Psychologist

Ergen ve Yetişkin Psikoterapi Erişkin Psikoterapi Hizmetleri Online Terapi

Randevu Al

Istanbul University Psychology (2004))

Rorschach Test Practice Training (2004-2006)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapies Training ( 2004-2006))

The Use Of Projective Tests In The Clinic ( 2004))

Health Psychology (2007)

Certificate Of Authority For Medical Applications Of Psychology (Ministry Of Health 2012)

Wisc-R intelligence test certificate (2012))

Forensic Interviewer Certificate With Children ( Department Of Health 2014)

CAS Test Certificate (2014))

Strengthening  communication skills through psychodrama and art therapy (Ministry of Health 2014)

Scheme Therapy Training ( 2016)

Psychotherapy Of Interpersonal Relationships (2018)

Aviation Psychology Education (2018)

Cerrahpasha Faculty Of Medicine – Internship (2003-2004)

Special education and Family Counseling (2004-2005)

Dialysis Center (2005-2009)

Psychological Counseling Centers (2005-2016)

Zeynep Kamil education and Research Hospital (2011-2013)

Erenkoy mental and Nervous Diseases training and Research Hospital (2013-2016)

NP Feneryolu Medical Center adolescent and adult individual psychotherapy services (ongoing as of 2016)

Since 2016, she has been serving as Üsküdar University Academic Staff.

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She was born in Kocaeli in 1982. Esma completed her bachelor's degree in Psychology at Istanbul University and completed her internship at Cerrahpasha Faculty of Medicine. she started her career with children with developmental problems (Autism, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Difficulties, etc.) and conducted parent education studies and counseling along with individual education for children.

Between 2004-2006, at Rorschach and Projective Tests Association, she completed the Rorschach Test application Training and supervision given by Prof.Dr Tevfika Tunaboylu İkiz. Between the years of 2004-2006, she worked on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training and Supervision at the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Association Completed with the training given by Prof.Dr.Mehmet Z. Sungur. She completed Schema therapy Training in 2016, and she completed the Interpersonal Relations Psychotherapy Training in 2018 and Aviation Psychology Training in 2019.

Since 2004, she has provided Special Education - Behavioral Problems In Children and parental attitude counseling - adolescent psychotherapy and adult individual psychotherapy in various health centers and psychological counseling centers.

She provides individual psychotherapy services to adolescents and adults through cognitive behavioral therapy, schema therapy, and interpersonal relationship psychotherapy methods. She also conducts psychometric assessments on adolescent and adult individuals with scales and tests commonly used in psychology.  She has been working as an academic staff at the University of Uskudar since 2016 in the Master's program in Clinical Psychology.

Since 2016, she provides individual psychotherapy to adolescents and adults in NP Feneryolu Medical Center. She is a member of the Turkish Psychological Association. Medical applications of psychology are authorized.

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