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Clinical Psychologist Duygu BARLAS

Clinical Psychologist Duygu BARLAS
Clinical Psychologist

Çocuk ve Ergen Psikoterapi Hizmetleri Online Terapi

Randevu Al

Yeditepe University Faculty of Arts and Sciences / Psychology - Undergraduate / 2008-2012

Üsküdar University / Clinical Psychology - Master's Degree / 2013-2015

Arel University / Clinical Psychology - Doctorate / 2016-present

NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital / Clinical Psychologist / 2012-continue

I n her psychotherapies, she mostly adopts “Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies” and “Child-Centered Play Therapy” approaches, and the “Positive Parenting” approach with families. Anxiety disorders, mood disorders, depressive disorder, psychotic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, anger/impulse control disorders, tic disorder, toilet habitual problems, adjustment disorders, family conflicts, school incompatibilities, sister jealousy, divorce process are their main interests.

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She was born in Şanlıurfa in 1990. she graduated from Yeditepe University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology with a high honors degree, and in 2015, she successfully graduated from Uskudar University clinical psychology graduate program. She has been continuing her clinical psychology doctorate program at Arel University since 2016. In her psychotherapies, she adopts the "Cognitive and Behavioral" school, the effectiveness of which has been proven by many studies. “Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy in Children and Young People” theoretical-supervision, approved by the European Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies Association (EABCT) by Maria Cebu Salvador, completed the Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT) approved theoretical-consultation training and other cognitive-behavioral school training by Emel Stroup. He continues her supervision and theory education in her doctorate program. While working with children aged 10 to 10, she intensively adopts the “Child-Centered Play Therapy” approach approved by the Association for Play Therapy (APT) and Family Enhancement and Play Therapy Center. It deals with behavioral and developmental issues within the framework of game therapy. program is running. Additionally, for children/adolescents and their families with special attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. Dr. 6 months in King's College London, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry to contribute to research skills and theoretical knowledge, developed and trained by Susan Bogles. during Edmund Sonuga-Barke and Dr. Kasia Kostyrka-Allchorne, guest supervisor in supervised “The development of episodic prospection and its link to future-oriented decisions during adolescence: behavioral and electrophysiological correlates” and “Neural, physiological and behavioral correlates of transitioning from rest and recreation to work in young children” Since 2012, she has been continuing psychotherapy and psychological evaluation studies mainly with children, young and young adults in NPIstanbul Brain Hospital .

“Kişisel Verilerin Korunması Kanunu kapsamında Bilgilendirme ve Aydınlatma Metnini okudum, onayladım. (*)

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