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Way of Communication

To make him feel that you understand him

Using a language that makes him feel guilty will push him towrads consuming again

Be cool with him   He might do some mistakes but do not forget to make him feel that you are still not satisfied with all what he has done

 Avoid giving him lessons

Be good listeners and try to figure out the reasons behind his use of alcohol and drugs

Addiction does not result from a smal moment however it comes after repeated use just because the person was thinking that he can stop the time he wants

There is no good answer on how much time addiction takes to start because it differs according to the substance taken and its quality how much of it the person is taking the physical and the psychological condition of the person

Addiction can be reduced but can not be totally cured that is why the person should stay away from alcohol and drogs otherwise addiction might come back again to the surface

Addiciton has nothing to do with will as no one consumes to be an addict  that is why every body is subject of addiction

Addiciton is a mental disease that can be reduced so addicts need help sustain and treatment inorder to quit

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02 Temmuz 2019
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12 Şubat 2021