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The Speech Of Mr. Demirel

The official opening of MEMORY CENTER OF ISTANBUL, Turkey Branch of Memory Centers of America, took place on 25 May, 1999 with the honorable participation of our President, Mr. Süleyman Demirel. In his speech in the opening ceremony our President, Mr. Süleyman Demirel said:


"Dear Guests,

I listened with great interest the valuable information provided by our scientists. Noneed to say, the human brain is the most important organ. The wisdom of the brainis not explored yet. In order to imagine the importance of the human brain, discussableto what extent it is true, to carry out the functions of the brain a computer shouldbe 3 times bigger than the Earth. The brain is the secret of creation. Of course,to what degree human are using their brain is another issue. There are people who diedwithout using significant parts of their brains. The goal of civilization is to use the brainmore effectively. This also is the reason of education.

If the way to protect the memory, the most valuable asset of human, can be found,especially with the improved average life of 70-80 years nowadays, it will be a significantachievement on behalf of humanity. While the average life time was 35-40 years in the1930s, today it is 70-80 years, almost twice as much. In order to live this life in a healthyway, primarily memory and functions of all limbs including the brain is to retain. As longas we live, to achieve a more prosperous world to live in, I think science and technologywill serve the people with better things. And I hope the same is the expectation of politicians and directors.

I came here to show my support, I will always support everything that is good for humanity;I came here to show my faith in science and my support to innovation. A few minutes ago,Professor Tarhan, Professor Tanrıdağ and Professor İtil who introduced Memory Centerto Turkey gave us information. I hereby thank them. I wish you continued success. I amsure you will be of great interest and I wish success to Turkish Physicians and world’sphysicians in the service of humanity. As much as you recover suffering of humanity,you provide that much happiness for human.

I am here to convey these wishes. I congratulate all of you.
Thank you."


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