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Bülent Arınç’s Speech

On March 20th, 2007 with attendance of Parliament Speaker Mr. Bülent Arınç, the official opening of NPISTANBUL Neuropsychiatry Hospital took place. Mr. Parliament Speaker said following in his speech during the opening ceremony:

“Dear Governor, Dear Friends of Representatives, Dear Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen I greet you all with love, good day.

It is a great pleasure to be at the NPISTANBUL Neuropsychiatry Hospital’s opening. Being with you at the opening of this hospital that I found very important for Turkey is really a great pleasure. I am not in a position to talk technically, I am not a physician either, but Hospital’s services, added value and benefit to the society are told very clearly at the promotional video. As a scientist, Mr. Tarhan expressed his thoughts. They started with a clinic in 1999, but now they established a hospital with the most advanced technology, extraordinarily high technical equipment, inpatient treatment and services for children.

This is a hospital aiming to improve the level of the community mental health. We need this more than ever. As what we have seen, heard and witnessed shows, unfortunately, gradual erosion on community mental health. We see new mental disorders, the events we encounter surprise us.

Starting from the people near to us, nowadays we see emergence of many disorders. Eye and other senses, of course, are important but mental health is also very important. In order to live our lives our mental health shall be good and balanced. We are extremely pleased about the opening of a hospital to provide this service.

I think it’s also right to apply music therapy in this hospital. When we look at our history, we see treatment methods by using inspiration, music therapy, and water therapy. This is a hospital seeking to implement useful methods used in the past by integrating them with modern methods.

I know Mr. Tarhan from his books and the educational television speeches on this subject, I congratulate him cordially and I wish him success and invite you to applaud Mr. Tarhan.

Dear friends, Turkey cultivates people with beautiful minds. I repeat that I am extremely pleased being here. I congratulate Ümraniye for having such kind of precious being. I would like to thank hard-working District Governor and the valuable Mayor and their wives for their participation in this meeting.

May it all go well, lots of luck in the NPISTANBUL Neuropsychiatry Hospital. I wish good health for our patients. I extend my best regards to all of you.

Thank you.”



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